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Walking for Weight Loss Made Easy

Walking for Weight Loss Made Easy

Walking offers many health benefits, including easy opportunities for weight loss. In fact, walking is one of the few activities where you can double your impact because you can use it as formal exercise, as well as incorporating more steps into your daily routine.

Although you’ve probably been walking since you were a child, there may also be some new techniques you can pick up that will help you burn even more calories. Take a look at these ideas for walking your way to a slimmer you.

Walking Workouts for Weight Loss

1. Speed it up. Depending on your weight, you can burn about 65 to 100 calories for each mile you walk. If you move faster, you’ll burn more calories covering the same distance.

2. Vary the pace. Studies also show that interval training is an effective way to burn more calories. Alternate between periods of walking briskly and strolling at a more moderate pace.

3. Check your posture. To move efficiently and avoid injuries, ensure you’re using proper form. It’s usually safer to take more steps rather than trying to lengthen your stride. Check that your heels hit the ground first, and use your toes to push you forward. Engage your core muscles to take pressure off your back.

4. Use your arms. Swinging your arms will also increase the intensity. If you want to add props, try walking poles or hand weights.

5. Go backward. For an extra challenge try walking backward in a safe area. Climbing up hills is another constructive option.

6. Hit the beach. Just changing the surface can power up your workout. Traveling across sand or snow requires more energy than walking on smooth pavement.

7. Listen to music. Playing your favorite tunes can make any workout seem like less effort. Put together a lively soundtrack that will motivate you to keep going.

8. Dress comfortably. You can buy shoes designed specifically for walking or just choose any pair with low heels and firm support. Dressing in protective layers will also help you deal with cold or wet weather.

9. Find a buddy. Walking with others can be fun. Invite family and friends along or join a local hiking group. If you have a dog, you have a companion who would love to join you at the park.

10. Talk with your doctor. Even though walking is a generally safe and low-impact activity, you may want to check with your doctor if you’ve been sedentary for a while. Your physician can help you set goals that are realistic for you.

Incidental Walking for Weight Loss

1. Take the stairs. Skip the elevator and escalators. Climbing upstairs burns almost 2 calories for every 10 steps.

2. Park further away. Walk or bike to work if possible. If the distance is too far or there’s no safe route, you can still choose a parking space that will enable you to squeeze in a brief hike before arriving at the office.

3. Schedule work breaks. Pause every half hour to stretch and move around. You could also make it a habit to use the restrooms and copy machines on the next floor instead of the ones by your desk.

4. Stand and dial. Think about how many minutes you spend talking on the phone each day. You can easily spend a lot more time on your feet if you pace around while you’re checking on your children or reaching out to clients.

Walking is so simple but does so much for your health and fitness. In addition to burning more calories, you strengthen your muscles and condition your heart with each extra step you take. Make walking a regular part of your workout program and daily routines.

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I Am Losing Weight At A Healthy Pace

I Am Losing Weight At A Healthy Pace

My health is important to me because I value my body. My overall success depends heavily on how healthy I am. When my body is healthy, I can work harder toward my goals.

I commit myself to healthy weight loss to ensure my success and improve my well-being. Taking the challenge one step at a time and one pound at a time allows me to secure long-term results.

I stay away from fast and easy fixes, such as fad diets, because my goal is to make permanent changes. I am willing to work hard over a long period of time to achieve the desired results.

I see my effort, not as a sacrifice, but as an investment. The time and energy I invest in my health today yields long-term results for me. I know that the changes I am making to my diet are beneficial and well worth the effort.

Watching my portion sizes to reduce my caloric intake, limiting my sweets, and increasing my fiber are positive changes. Drinking a glass of water before every meal helps me eat less and also makes me feel energized. I feel proud of myself for taking these important steps for my health.

It takes hard work and commitment to lose weight, but each day, I feel small improvements in my overall health. My goal is closer than it seems.

Today, I choose to focus on positive actions to keep myself motivated. I reaffirm my commitment to healthy weight loss because the only way to keep the weight off is by having a safe and healthy pace.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What positive changes have I made to my diet?

2. How far am I from my ideal weight?

3. Why is it better to lose weight safely than quickly?

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5 Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

5 Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work

It’s not easy to stay motivated while you’re trying to lose weight.

You’re surrounded by temptations, and everyone seems to be able to eat the things you can’t enjoy anymore.

However, there are tricks that can help you stay on the path to losing weight.

Try these tips to stay motivated as you shed those extra pounds:

1. Dispose of your big clothes.

Most people who diet on a regular basis have clothes of all sizes. You probably have a closet filled with small, medium, and large clothes that you wear depending on your weight.

Your large-size clothes are a crutch that is affecting your weight loss. They’re a constant reminder that you may return to that size at any time and, by keeping the clothes, you’re ready to do so.

By getting rid of your big clothes, you’ll be giving yourself a boost of motivation to lose weight.

2. Give yourself small rewards.

Research shows that simple rewards can help you stay motivated. Implement a system that gives you rewards at various points along the way, so you can celebrate your wins, even when these wins are incremental. You can use a simple points system or reward chart to keep track.

Plan a big reward for when you meet your big goal.

Some of the best rewards have nothing to do with food. They can be spa trips, new books, new clothes, or other items.

3. Hang up your inspiration.

If you’re desperately trying to recreate an old photo of your younger self or have a skinny outfit you want to wear again, display this inspiration. Choose only one or two items that inspire you the most, and stay focused on them.

It’s important to put them in a spot that you use frequently, so you’ll see the inspiration all the time.

4. Avoid using the scale every day.

Research shows that it’s normal for your weight to fluctuate by several pounds each day. If you weigh yourself every day, you can get discouraged. Instead, use the scale less frequently and focus on how you feel or how your clothes fit.

Switch to a weekly or monthly weigh-in schedule. You’ll look forward to your weigh-ins and have added motivation to lose the extra pounds.

5. Post a daily photo.

Unlike a daily scale routine, a daily photo can help motivate you. You can use social media or store the photos in a cloud.

Take your photos after a workout. Choose photos that show you’re making progress.

It doesn’t matter if your hair isn’t perfect. The goal is to track your progress and pay attention to the small details.

The photos will serve as a record of your weight loss journey and inspire you to keep losing the pounds.

They’ll be a fun way to see how much you change over time.

By staying motivated as you lose weight, you’ll make the process easier.

You’ll be able to maintain your enthusiasm.

The right inspiration and motivation will keep you focused on your weight loss goals and encourage you all along the way to success.

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5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy on Zoom

5 Benefits of Hypnotherapy on Zoom

I’ve been doing hypnotherapy sessions on Zoom before people knew that Zoom existed. That was in 2015.

In April of 2020, I offered a whole new model for online hypnotherapy training to my community and students.

What I’ve learned since then, is that there are 5 major benefits to doing hypnotherapy on Zoom.

1. Zero travel time. I hear this over and over again from my clients…Not having to drive to and from the office for appointments has been so helpful to save time and prioritize even more their own healing work.

2. Safety. My clients report feeling safer and more comfortable doing hypnotherapy from the comfort of their own homes. And we all know that the safer the client feels, the deeper the session goes.

3. Flexibility. Both my clients and I have the flexibility of doing sessions anywhere in the world. This opens up the possibility of travel for everyone.

4. More clients. Because you are no longer tied to a physical address, your client reach just grew exponentially. Instead of only working with local clients, you can now see clients from all over your state.

5. Increased revenue. Since you can now see clients from anywhere in your state, your monthly revenue also increases. The sky is the limit to building your online hypnotherapy practice.

If you’ve been curious about your own online hypnotherapy practice, join me for Online Group Supervision on May 8th. Here, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to do a safe and successful hypnotherapy session on Zoom.

10 Tips To Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

10 Tips To Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

Empaths are naturals for the helping professions, from medicine to teaching.

These jobs feed our giving nature and provide opportunities to tap our sensitivities to offer others healing and insight.

Unfortunately, many also burn out.

Here are 10 self-care strategies to practice both at work and home that will protect you from compassion fatigue so you are not constantly absorbing people’s stress, emotions, or physical symptoms.

Tips to Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

1. Plan breaks. Take regular five-minute breaks to rest, meditate, or enjoy a walk between appointments. Be careful not to schedule clients back to back, which will quickly lead to burnout.

2. Don’t overbook yourself. If possible, limit the number of clients you see to what feels right. When you’re busy, try not to squeeze in new appointments if you can reschedule them for a lighter day.

3. Eat well. Don’t skip meals and make sure they include protein, which grounds you. Nibbling on protein throughout the day will keep your energy and blood sugar stable.

4. Create a serene workspace. Have a peaceful office. Surround yourself with inspirational sayings, sacred objects, and anything else that brings you peace.

5. Practice deep breathing regularly. Mindful deep breathing clears the negativity you pick up.

6. Fill your office with heart energy. Once or more daily, take a few minutes to focus on your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. Feel that loving energy flow through your body as it balances you. As you do this, the loving energy will overflow and fill the room with warmth and positivity.

7. Set clear boundaries. Firmly and kindly say “no” to the energy vampires in your workplace. Protect your time so you are not drained.

8. Shield yourself. Before you start your day, imagine a shield of white light all around you that protects and allows in only the positive.

9. Detoxify in water. Take Epsom salt baths or shower after a long day to wash away the stress and energies of others you might have absorbed.

10. Have fun outside of work. Allow regular time for play, fun, and recreation. Walking in nature while you enjoy the trees, birds, and plants can revive your joy.

The more you use these strategies, the more energized you’ll feel and the less prone you’ll be to burnout. Then you can really feel the passion and thrill of helping others.

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