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Level 2 Advanced Past Life Regression Training: Ancestral Healing Focus

Join us for a comprehensive 2-day training at Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute, Boulder, CO, designed for those who have completed Level 1 Past Life Regression Training. This course will deepen your understanding and skills in ancestral healing, helping you guide clients through the exploration and healing of inherited patterns.

Overview of Advanced Training

Transformative Ancestral Healing

Delve deeper into the realm of past life regression with our Level 2 Advanced Past Life Regression Training, focusing on the profound area of ancestral healing. This two-day course at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute is specifically tailored for practitioners who have completed Level 1 and are looking to expand their expertise and therapeutic impact.

Participants will explore advanced techniques to facilitate healing across generational lines, aiding clients in releasing inherited patterns and traumas. This transformative training not only enhances your skill set but also empowers your clients to achieve a more liberated and fulfilling life by connecting with and healing their ancestral past.

Key Skills and Insights from Ancestral Healing Training

Understanding Ancestral Connections

Gain a profound understanding of how ancestors influence personal and familial karma, and master techniques to access and engage with ancestral memories.

Transforming Inherited Patterns

Learn specialized skills to help clients recognize and heal inherited traumas, thereby altering negative patterns that affect their current lives.

Diverse Training Approaches

Educational Techniques

Our training incorporates a blend of educational strategies designed to enhance both your theoretical understanding and practical skills in ancestral healing. Each method is tailored to deepen your knowledge and application in real-world scenarios.

By participating in our training, you will engage in a variety of learning formats, each crucial for developing a comprehensive grasp of ancestral healing techniques.

Interactive and Engaging Learning

Ideal Participants

Who Should Attend This Training?

This specialized training is meticulously crafted for hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, and holistic practitioners eager to expand their therapeutic repertoire with ancestral healing techniques. If you are a professional committed to deepening your understanding of past life regression and wish to incorporate ancestral healing into your practice, this course is designed for you.

Meet Your Expert Instructors

Our instructors are not only leaders in the field of hypnotherapy but also specialize in spiritual healing techniques essential for ancestral healing.

Dr. Emily Stanton

Dr. Emily Stanton

Lead Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Healer

With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Stanton combines deep psychological insights with spiritual healing practices to guide clients through transformative healing journeys.

Marcus Cheng

Marcus Cheng

Ancestral Healing Specialist

Marcus is renowned for his innovative approaches to accessing ancestral memories and energies, helping clients to resolve long-standing familial issues.

Julia Mendez

Julia Mendez

Certified Hypnotherapist & Energy Worker

Julia integrates her extensive knowledge of energy work with hypnotherapy to provide a holistic approach to ancestral healing, promoting profound personal growth.

Certification Benefits

Earn Your Level 2 Certification

Upon successful completion of the Level 2 Advanced Past Life Regression Training, participants will be awarded a Level 2 Certification in Advanced Past Life Regression with a special focus on Ancestral Healing. This prestigious certification not only signifies your expertise in handling specialized cases but also significantly broadens your therapeutic practice, enabling you to offer deeper and more impactful healing sessions that address intergenerational issues and inherited patterns.

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