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Upgrade Your iOS with Meta Hypnotherapy™

Upgrade Your iOS with Meta Hypnotherapy™

Upgrade Your iOS with Meta Hypnotherapy™

Think of your mind as a computer. This computer is divided into two parts – the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is 10% of the mind and its main function is to analyze, compute, judge, process, etc…

The subconscious mind is 90% of the mind and is the database of all of our feelings, emotions, behaviors, habits, bodily functions, beliefs, programming, and patterns – both effective and problematic.

With hypnotherapy, we are able to access the subconscious mind directly to update your internal operating system (iOS). Not only that, but we can also remove the buggy programs that are no longer running properly (i.e. limiting thoughts and beliefs and negative behaviors, patterns, and emotions) and replace them with new, updated programs so that you are able to live the life you most want for yourself – free from your subconscious programming.

This is what’s called reprogramming the mind. Just like we reprogram our computers to run better, faster, and smarter, we can do the same thing with our minds. And just like we continually innovate and improve on the software programs our computers run, we can improve our behaviors, actions, and the ways we show up in the world for greater success – in love, career, finance, and health.

Hypnotherapy itself is a wonderful modality for upgrading your internal operating system. But what happens when we need to upgrade the modality of hypnotherapy itself?

Hypnotherapy goes back as far as we can remember and little has been done to evolve or innovate upon this technique. As humans, culture, and society we have evolved. It’s time that our healing modalities evolve with us.

What is Meta Hypnotherapy?

Meta Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy theory of theories that uses the Integral framework created by Ken Wilber – known as the “Einstein of Consciousness Studies”.

This framework offers a more inclusive, more comprehensive, more integral view of hypnotherapy itself. And if you’ve ever tried to understand the chaotic and confusing field of hypnotherapy to date, you’ll find that it is not only unregulated but also unorganized, fragmented, and very much at odds with itself.

So what happens when we put everything on the table and view the field of hypnotherapy itself from a higher and wider perspective? What is the pattern that connects this academic mess into a higher-order unification of all methods involved?

This is the primary aim of Meta Hypnotherapy. Meta Hypnotherapy is a hypnotherapy of hypnotherapies that distills them all down to their 5 basic components. What we find are 5 essential keys that are essential and accessible to every human being on the planet.

The 5 essential keys are also maps or perspectives or lenses through which to view the world. When we look at the world or our client this way, we get a more complete, more whole, more integrated perspective of the client we are working with. This is important because how we see our clients matters. How we interpret their experience matters. It’s an issue of ethics and morality. We must upgrade the models of therapy we are using with clients are else we may be offering a disservice – to see only our client’s partiality, rather than their wholeness. Seeing their fragmentation rather than their integration. Or seeing their illness rather than their wellness.

At Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute our 5-day hypnotherapy training and certification course not only teaches you how to do hypnotherapy with clients, but you will also learn how to update your own operating system, your own perspective, your own world view to be more inclusive of yourself, your clients, and the world around you.

Come build the future of hypnotherapy with us.


How to Market Your Hypnotherapy Practice

How to Market Your Hypnotherapy Practice

So you’ve decided you’re ready to start your hypnotherapy business. Congratulations!

Now that you have taken your hypnotherapy training, you are ready to step into the true healer that you really are and open the doors to your new hypnotherapy practice.

Now what?

It’s time to learn how to market your hypnotherapy practice.

The true realities of running a Hypnotherapy business today are shocking. Did you know that in a recent study, over 85% of newly qualified Hypnotherapists will have given up their career within one year of training?

I don’t want this to happen to you.

How to Market Your Hypnotherapy Practice

The reality is that most therapists have never run any kind of business. It’s also unlikely that they have any real marketing or sales experience. This puts hypnotherapists at a disadvantage because they don’t have the necessary skills to run a successful business. 

This is why it’s important that you learn how to market your hypnotherapy practice the right way.

I train and certify therapists, coaches, and healers in hypnotherapy, and the same questions get asked again and again.

How much should I charge?

How do I get clients?

What do I say during the new client consultation call?

Think about your ideal client. The person who wants to find you because they are interested in hypnotherapy and talk therapy is not working for them anymore.

How will they find you? Simple. A google search.

Most clients won’t ask their friends if they know a hypnotherapist, they will go straight to google and search for “hypnotherapy near me”.

This is where your marketing comes in. You want to show up on Google page 1 in that search but to do so, you will need these things:

  1. Website
  2. Hypnotherapy Service Page
  3. Keywords

These days having a professional website is critical to your hypnotherapy business success. Without one, you’re basically guaranteeing that your ideal client will never find you. If you don’t have a website, start here.

If you do have a website, your next step is to create a service page dedicated to hypnotherapy. On this page, you want to define what hypnotherapy is, bust the myths about hypnotherapy, discuss how the process of hypnotherapy works, the benefits of hypnotherapy, and what clients can expect after the session.

If you already have a website and you have a dedicated hypnotherapy service page, your next step is to add keywords to this page.

Keywords are the words clients put into the google search to find you. Add these keywords to your hypnotherapy service page and google will begin to prioritize your website and move your website to page 1.

Get visible on page 1 of hypnotherapy searches and make it easy for your ideal client to find you.

If you’re ready to get 5-10 new private pay hypnotherapy clients each month, join my Business of Hypnotherapy Intensive.

During this two-day training, you will discover the number one technique to consistently increase your online presence to get more clients.

You will gain the confidence needed to take your first step toward gaining authentic expert status.

And you’ll finally learn how to make it easy for your ideal client to find you online to experience true business success.

3 Steps to Get More Hypnotherapy Clients

3 Steps to Get More Hypnotherapy Clients

Most people don’t get certified in hypnotherapy just to add another credential to their office wall. People get certified in hypnotherapy with a bigger end game in mind.

When you invest in learning a new healing modality it is most likely because you want to bring this skill to the marketplace and start or expand your current private practice.

We’ve all taken transformational hypnotherapy trainings that have shown us first-hand the power of healing. But that is only half the skill set you need to be a successful hypnotherapist. What most hypnotherapy trainings don’t teach you is how to start your hypnotherapy business.

I’ve trained 100’s and 100’s of therapists in clinical hypnotherapy and the number one issue most face is not being able to start or build a successful hypnotherapy practice.

Imagine that your private pay hypnotherapy practice is booked 4, 8, 12 weeks out. How does that feel?

If you are struggling to fill your hypnotherapy practice with new private pay clients, keep reading…

3 Steps to Get More Hypnotherapy Clients

No one wants to feel desperate for clients as they build their hypnotherapy practice. Here are three easy steps that you can implement today to get more clients.

Step 1: Be Helpful

As business owners, we all need to get comfortable with the idea of marketing. If you believe in the service you offer (hypnotherapy) then you should have no trouble signing on new clients and referrals.

When you do reach out to potential new clients through social media posts, blogs, and newsletters it’s important to be helpful.

Think about the issue your new potential client is struggling with and offer a helpful tip, technique, practice, words of encouragement, etc…

A helpful example of this would be to create a social media post on anxiety relief and share a simple breathing practice to reduce stress.

Step 2: Stand Out

Do you serve a specific demographic in your hypnotherapy practice?

Are you an expert or specialist in a certain area of hypnotherapy practice – perhaps anxiety, or Past Life Regression?

If you want to stand out and gain authentic expert status it’s important that you narrow your hypnotherapy practice down to a few specializations.

We know that hypnotherapy can be used to treat almost anything, but that doesn’t mean we should. When you focus on your business niche and become a known specialist, your private pay hypnotherapy practice will be filled for months and months to come.

Step 3: Show Up

Yes, it is important that we show up to ourselves, our business, and our clients each day, and equally important is that we show up on internet searches by new potential clients who are in need of hypnotherapy and your services.

Your new potential client is most likely going to find you by doing a search online. So it is important that you have a website that includes a clear description of hypnotherapy and how it works to help relieve symptoms.

It is also important you show up on the first page of Google when you’re new potential client searches for hypnotherapy.

This all comes down to keywords. Keywords are the terms that people search on google when they are looking for something.

Think of the last time you wanted to go to a restaurant. What did you put in the search bar when you googled? My guess is “restaurants near me” or “best restaurants in (whatever town you live in).”

It’s the same with your clients. Think of your ideal client and now imagine what they would type in the google search bar if they wanted to do hypnotherapy. That is a keyword. You can now add this keyword to your website so clients can find you faster online.

If you’re ready to get 5-10 new private pay hypnotherapy clients each month, join my Business of Hypnotherapy Intensive.

During this two-day training, you will discover the number one technique to consistently increase your online presence to get more clients.

You will gain the confidence needed to take your first step toward gaining authentic expert status.

And you’ll finally learn how to make it easy for your ideal client to find you online to experience true business success.


Hypnotherapy and Chakra Healing

Hypnotherapy and Chakra Healing

Hypnotherapy is an alternative or complementary therapy that is most commonly used to treat addictions, weight loss, fears & phobias, sleep issues, trauma & PTSD, anxiety, depression, and pain management.

But did you know that you can also use hypnotherapy for chakra healing?

Hypnotherapy for chakra healing is a very effective healing modality that addresses mind, body, and spirit.

Chances are if you’ve ever attended a yoga class, had a reiki session, or participated in a group meditation, the facilitator talked about the chakras.

Knowing what your 7 chakras are, where to find them, and how to unblock them may be the missing key to a happier life.

The Chakras

The word “Chakra” from Sanskrit translates to “wheel” or “disk,” but references a spiritual energy center within the human body.

Within your energy field or aura, are 7 major energy centers or chakras in the body that run up the length of your spine from the base of your body to the top of your head.

Our Chakras are grouped into three distinct categories. Firstly, the Chakras of Matter are the ones most connected to our physical bodies: the Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.

Then there are the Chakras of Spirit, which bridge the gap between us and our spiritual source: the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.

Then there’s the tie between Matter and Spirit, the Connecting Chakra – which bonds our physical and spirit together: the Heart.

As we go through the business of life and schedules and try to get it all done, the flow of energy up and down our chakras gets blocked or becomes out of balance and we can feel run down, tired, stressed, irritable, going through life on autopilot, depressed as well as affect our immune system. This can show up as always being sick, getting cold after cold.

Chakra Healing is recognizing and identifying undesirable feelings within and focusing on the relevant Chakra to transform negative energy to positive and move on, like the infinite flow that we truly are.

Hypnotherapy and Chakra Healing

Hypnotherapy can be used to facilitate chakra healing with clients who are experiencing blocks, energetic cords, attachments, old agreements, contracts, or decisions made that are ready to be released, plus so much more.

Hypnotherapy can even be used to activate certain groups of chakras simultaneously to activate our transpersonal gifts such as psychic abilities, past life regression, releasing karmic debt, increasing energetic protection and disengaging negative energy, and accessing one’s life purpose.

If you’re ready to go deeper with your hypnotherapy training, join our  Advanced Spiritual Regression Training Certification.

During this year-long training via Zoom, you will discover the power of hypnotherapy for Chakra Healing, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives Therapy, Shadow Work, and Spiritual Releasement Therapy.

Not only that, each weekend module comes with a successfully proven script to use with clients. This enables you to add new services and more revenue to your hypnotherapy practice at the end of each weekend module so that your return on investment is immediate.

Ascend to the next level of your personal growth, expand your consciousness for a bigger perspective, and make a greater impact in the world with Advanced Spiritual Regression Training Certification.

And don’t miss our other trainings…

Join our 3-day Past Life Regression Training Certification. Discover your own past lives and get certified while you do!

Ready to get trained and certified in hypnotherapy? Join our 5-Day Hypnotherapy Training Certification.

[audio] Launch Your New Career as a Certified Hypnotherapist

[audio] Launch Your New Career as a Certified Hypnotherapist

Launch Your New Career as a Certified Hypnotherapist

Listen below to Launch Your New Career as a Certified Hypnotherapist and learn all about my personal story, my new Meta Hypnotherapy method, how you can become an effective hypnotherapist who gets the best results and discover how to take your first step toward getting paid as a Certified Hypnotherapist and create your dream job as a healing pro!

Launch Your New Career as a Certified Hypnotherapist

by Kelly Bearer | Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute

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