[Self-Hypnosis] Managing How I Respond To Stress Is Key To My Peace Of Mind

[Self-Hypnosis] Managing How I Respond To Stress Is Key To My Peace Of Mind

Managing how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mind.

Each day brings its share of stressful situations. I understand that I am unable to control what happens to me, but I am resolute in managing how I respond to situations.

This approach contributes to my continuing peace of mind. My reaction to situations dictates how well I am able to combat stress.

I know it is easy to get caught up in difficult situations at work. External factors can make my workplace untenable.

But I learn to separate the situation from the reaction. It is important to me to display a positive attitude to unfavorable circumstances.

I am convinced that how I respond determines the impact on my health and well-being.

There are times when stressful situations get the best of me. When that happens, I counteract that feeling with healthy activities.

Exercise at the end of a hard day makes me feel very relaxed.

Meditation and pampering also help me to unwind and release stress.

I treat myself to a long soak in the tub after a rough day.

Pampering helps me to forget the cares of my world.

Today, I manage my response to stress with positive techniques that work well for me.

Living a less stressful life keeps me youthful and vibrant. I want to maintain my peace of mind, so I do what is necessary for that to happen.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I cope with stressful situations?

2. Do I rely on the support of others to get through a challenging time?

3. How can I lessen the impact of a stressful issue?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am More Than Enough

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am More Than Enough

I am more than enough.

I am worthy and complete.

I treat others with kindness and respect. I support and encourage my family and friends. I express my gratitude and hand out sincere compliments.

I give generously. I share my time, money, and talents. I volunteer in my community. I do favors without expecting anything in return.

I overcome challenges. I persevere through obstacles. I strive to beat my last performance. I am resilient and creative. I bounce back from hardships. I adapt to changing circumstances.

I learn from experience. I can make any event work to my advantage. I forgive myself and others for past disappointments. I believe in second chances.

I radiate confidence. I trust my judgment and abilities. I recognize my strengths and skills. I live by my own standards rather than comparing myself to others. I know that I can accomplish great things if I am willing to work for them.

I develop my spirituality. I meditate and pray. I read inspirational texts and participate in my community. I search for meaning and deepen my connection with something bigger than myself.

I am fun to be around. I feel comfortable laughing at myself. I see the comical side of difficult situations. I relieve tension and sadness with gentle humor.

Today, I accept and love myself for who I am. My sense of security comes from within. I contribute to the beauty and harmony in the world by living an authentic life.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What makes my life valuable?

2. How can I feel whole when I am experiencing doubts and fears?

3. How do my actions show that I appreciate myself?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Resilient

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Resilient

I am resilient.

I totally acknowledge and appreciate my resilience. I realize my strength in all the areas of my life. I marvel at how resilient both my body and mind are!

I am notified by a tiny “pop up” in my brain whenever negative thoughts arise. My inner hero replaces those thoughts with positive, self-affirming thoughts.

My inner archeologist digs down to unearth antiquated limiting beliefs. After thorough investigation, they are reduced to rubble and dismissed as irrelevant.

My city planner in my brain finds solid foundations on which to build my new me.

I have a landscape architect who plans out a beautiful thought garden. My master gardener in my mind cultivates beautiful new ideas.

While I sleep, my new plants of strength and courage awaken in the moonlight.

During dream time, my feelings get a makeover as well. I feel the strength of the ocean and know I can overcome any challenge, just as the waves reduce stone to sand.

A great night’s sleep is also valuable to restore my physical stamina. All my cells are renewing and repairing for a new day.

I love that I have an amazing body that automatically rejuvenates itself!

Today, I greet the dawn feeling refreshed and ready for an exciting new day! After all, this day is the first day of the rest of my life and I want to make the most of it! Come what may, I am confident that my natural resilience can win the day.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I become more resilient?

2. In which areas of my life can I become more resilient?

3. What activities can I do to become more resilient?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Increase My Awareness

[Self-Hypnosis] I Increase My Awareness

I increase my awareness.

I strive to know and understand myself. Increasing my awareness helps me to make positive changes.

I identify my strengths and weaknesses. I learn how to leverage my unique talents and skills. I enhance my leadership capabilities. I respect my boundaries and target the areas where I need to grow.

I ask others for feedback. Coworkers and friends help me to see myself in a different light. I gain valuable information and insights that I can use to enhance my performance.

I meditate and pray. I explore my thoughts and feelings without making judgments.

I examine my habits and assumptions. I make conscious choices that match my values and honor my beliefs.

I manage my emotions to make sound decisions. I reduce stress by being able to anticipate situations that are challenging for me.

I deepen my relationships. I become more skillful at talking about my thoughts and feelings. I clarify my expectations and take responsibility for my actions.

I safeguard my health and wellbeing. I listen to my body. I notice when I feel strong and when I need to rest. I comfort myself when I feel sad or anxious. I talk with my doctor about any symptoms that concern me.

I boost my motivation and energy levels. I devote my time to activities that are meaningful to me.

Today, I view myself with kindness and curiosity. Self-knowledge and awareness increase my emotional intelligence and help me to create the life I want.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How would I describe my personality?

2. How can I view myself more objectively?

3. What is the relationship between mindfulness and awareness?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Create From An Open Heart

[Self-Hypnosis] I Create From An Open Heart

I create from an open heart.

I easily create when my heart is open to the universe. I receive guidance through the open doors of my heart. Inspiration comes from within and without when I fling the heart door wide open.

Using my imagination and creativity are as easy as breathing in and breathing out.

I feel inspiration come in with the breath. Creative projects flow out of my heart with each exhale.

I expand my heart.

I fill it to the brim with love and then add some more. My mind and heart are always open to understanding new ideas, cultures, and theories.

Expanding my heart increases my creative thoughts. I move forward from a place of inspired action.

As my heart continues to expand, I am encompassed within the cocoon of love. The more expansive the breath, the more I am filled with loving-kindness.

I become a walking, breathing bubble of love.

Today, I feel the inspiration flow in and out of me easily and effortlessly. I am creative love. I am a loving creation. I am both the creator and the creation. I am one with the creative force of the Universe.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I expand my heart?

2. When I expand my heart, where in my life does creativity flow?

3. Who could benefit from my expanded heart? Family? Friends? Work?