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Need support and expertise to grow your private practice or get a new idea off the ground? Let me help you reach your goals.

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Digital Transformation

Start or digitally transform your private practice into a hybrid or telehealth-only business. Create your website, attract new clients, and become the #1 hypnotherapist in your local area.


Take your private practice to the next level

Groups, retreats, and online courses are the next step to elevating your private practice. Work less and have a greater impact with group offerings.


Get your message out to the world

Reach a wider audience with marketing, social media, and email list-building strategies to fill your group offerings for maximum impact.

Top 3 Reasons to Enroll in Past Life Regression Training & Certification

What is Past Life Regression Therapy? Many cultures, religions, psychologists, philosophers, and even scientists believe that we have not only lived before but that we can access these memories to have a richer experience in this current life. Pioneer psychologist...

Life Between Lives Therapy in Past Life Regression

Live Between Lives Therapy in Past Life Regression Life Between Lives Therapy is highly related to Past Life Regression Therapy because just as a hypnotherapist might find their client going into the past life realm, a past life therapist might find their client going...

The Death Wound, Illness, and Chakras in Past Life Regression Therapy

The Death Wound, Body Syndromes, and Chakras The basic assumption of Past Life Regression Therapy is that we have many physical bodies that we reincarnate into and we have a spiritual body that carries into the present our present life, emotions, and thoughts (both...





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