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Policy on Refunds and Withdrawals

Any student may submit a request to cancel their enrollment at any time. If the student discontinues their enrollment or withdraws for any reason, refunds will be issued based on the following schedule:

  1. If an applicant is not accepted or if a starting class is canceled by the school, a full refund of all payments will be issued.
  2. If an applicant withdraws within five business days (excluding Sundays and holidays) after the contract has been signed or an initial payment has been made, and the applicant has not yet commenced training, the school will provide a full refund of all payments.
  3. If the applicant withdraws after five business days of signing the contract or making the initial payment, the school reserves the right to keep a registration fee. This fee will be either 10% of the total tuition cost or $100, whichever is lesser. The term “registration fee” refers to the fee levied by the school to process student applications and establish a student record system.
  4. In the event of withdrawal or termination after the student has begun classes, the school will retain the registration fee (as stated in point #3 above) plus a fraction of the total tuition, calculated as follows:
    • If up to 10% of the course has been completed, the school retains 10% of the tuition
    • If between 10% and 25% of the course has been completed, the school retains 25% of the tuition
    • If between 25% and 50% of the course has been completed, the school retains 50% of the tuition
    • If over 50% of the course has been completed, the school retains 100% of the tuition
  5. Refunds will be calculated based on the last recorded day of attendance, defined as:
    a. When the school receives notice of student’s intention to discontinue the training program.
    b. When the student is terminated for a violation of a published school policy which provides for termination.
    c. When a student, without notice, fails to attend classes for 3 calendar days.
  6. All refunds must be issued within 30 calendar days following the student’s official date of termination.
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