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Energy Psychology

Subtle Energy Training: Energetic Tools for Transformation and Healing

“I highly recommend Kelly Bearer’s Subtle Energy course. The strategies she teaches have helped me to do a consistent practice of grounding and protecting my own energy. This has allowed me to be more effective with my clients. Kelly’s teaching style is clear and straightforward, with a dash of humor. She makes learning very easy! I am so grateful for the teachings I have received in this course!”

– Tammy M.
Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

Subtle Energy

A 6-Week Online Course

with Kelly Bearer, MA,
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Starts October 13, 2021

5pm-6:00pm PT, 6pm-7:00pm MT, 8pm-9:00pm ET


$297 limited discount

All sessions are recorded for video replay.

Cleanse, Align, and Protect Your Energy Field

Discover the hidden world of energies that drive your life!

Do you ever walk into a room a feel the “vibes”?

Do you ever feel like you take on or absorb the energy of others?

Do you ever feel drained and tired after working with clients or being around other people?

A natural flow of electro-magnetic energy resides within, and radiates out, from your body every moment of every day. This field of energy (sometimes called the ‘aura’) is a complex matrix of patterns, energy forms, and energy transactions.

This field of energy affects every aspect of your daily living, your thoughts, your feelings, your state of well-being. It is the filter through which you take every action, and create all your life experiences. Your energetic state bears influence on everything you do…. it drives all aspects of your life.

Subtle Energy is a 6-week training course specially designed to give you insight and understanding into the ways of these invisible flows of energy. Bringing you skills and techniques to assess and understand your energetic state, this course will empower every aspect of your life.

Learn to Cleanse, Align, and Protect Your Energy Field during this 6-week online course!

This unique training has been specially designed to help you understand the layers of subtle energies that surround you (your energy field/aura) and how these energies influence your daily life and well-being. 

This is your opportunity to learn about your energy field, the movement of energy transactions that affect you, your emotional and mental balance, and of course, the energies of new potentials that can come into your life.

Discover how incoming energies from others may affect you. Learn how to empower your own daily living by commanding the energies you transmit out into the world. Learn the techniques to keep your own energy clear and high in vibration. Discover how simple and easily applied energy management techniques can enhance the quality of your daily life.

Welcome to Subtle Energy!

“It was a pleasure to join this Subtle Energy journey with Kelly. I loved the practical tools that we learned which could be implemented right away, as well as the depth and variety covered in this course. Kelly is a wonderful instructor, who puts so much love into her content and I would certainly recommend this course to others!”

– Rachel Hipp, Psychotherapist

What You’ll Learn During Subtle Energy

Session 1

Introduction to Energy Psychology

Anatomy of the Subtle Body

Subtle Body Practice

Session 2

The Chakra System

Beyond the 7 Chakras

Chakra Clearing Practice

Session 3

Cleanse, Align,
and Protect Your
Energy Field

Energy Protection Practices

Session 4

Existential & Karmic Issues
Past-Life Regression
Life Between Lives


Session 5

Paranormal Experiences

UFO’s and ET Phenomena

Spiritual Emergencies

Session 6

Soul Retrievals

Psychic Attacks

Spirit Possession

“Thank you Kelly for such a beautiful class! This class has deepened my understanding of the chakra system and its developmental process, my awareness of my subtle body energy field and how to start working with clients on this level. Subtle energy gives you another playground of awareness when working with others and awareness of the self. It is definitely empowering as we are given a toolbox of self-energy protocols to allow greater healing and awareness in our own bodies.

– Marie Healy, Acupuncturist

Kelly Bearer, MA, ACHT

Kelly is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Psychology Professor at Naropa University, Zen Monk and Founder of the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute. She works with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens to overcome addictions, heal past traumas, conquer fear, fix relationships, find happiness and improve careers. She offers sessions both online and in-person at her Boulder, Colorado office.

Subtle Energy: 6-Week Online Course

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