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Congratulations and thank you for registering for the Hypnotherapy 2.0 Online Summit.

Clear some space in your calendar August 16-20, and get ready to hear from top experts in the field of hypnotherapy near-death-experiences… along with seasoned reiki practitioners, mental health professionals, and others as they share revelatory experiences and insightful methods to interface with the mysteries surrounding the intersection of hypnosis, technology, and spirituality.

This is going to be incredible!

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(If you can’t make it to a session you’re interested in, don’t worry… you’ll be able to access recordings on this schedule page for 24 hours after the initial broadcast.)

And when it’s time, you can watch or listen to the Hypnotherapy 2.0 Summit online via any connected device.

Thank you for joining us!

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Kelly Bearer
Host | Hypnotherapy 2.0 Online Summit
Founder | Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute

P.S. This is the FIRST time we’re holding a summit on this remarkable topic.

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