Level 4: Become a Meta Hypnotherapy Instructor

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From Student to Teacher

At the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute, we are excited to introduce our groundbreaking 10-Month Hypnotherapy Instructor Training Program, meticulously designed for aspiring educators in the transformative field of hypnotherapy. This unique program is your pathway to not only deepen your understanding of hypnotherapy but also to master the art of teaching it, empowering the next generation of hypnotherapists.

Why Join Our Instructor Training Program?

  • Expert-Led Curriculum: Learn from an industry-leading advanced clinical hypnotherapist with decades of experience in both practice and education.

  • Comprehensive Training: Our program covers everything from the fundamentals of hypnotherapy to advanced teaching methodologies, ensuring you are well-prepared to lead with confidence.

  • Flexible Learning Schedule: Designed to fit your busy life, our program meets just once a month for two hours, March through August, followed by a hands-on teaching practicum from September to December.

  • Practical Teaching Experience: Transition from learning to teaching with our structured practicum, providing real-world experience in instructing and engaging students.

  • Community and Support: Join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, with ongoing support from peers and mentors.

hypnotherapy certification.

Program Overview

March – August: Interactive Monthly Sessions

Dive into the depths of hypnotherapy teaching with our interactive sessions, each designed to build upon the last, culminating in a comprehensive skill set that prepares you for the real-world teaching environment.

  • Month 1: Foundations of Teaching Hypnotherapy

  • Month 2: Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques

  • Month 3: Curriculum Development for Diverse Environments

  • Month 4: Mastering Communication and Engagement

  • Month 5: Assessing and Elevating Student Performance

  • Month 6: Final Preparations for the Practicum

  • Months 7-10: Teaching Practicum

September – December: Teaching Practicum

Put theory into practice with our immersive teaching practicum. Lead sessions, receive constructive feedback, and refine your teaching approach with the support of our experienced instructors.

Who Should Apply?

This program is perfect for:

  1. Experienced hypnotherapists looking to transition into teaching at Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute.

  2. Hypnotherapists who have taken our Level 1 and Level 2 hypnotherapy trainings and feel called to teaching.

hypnotherapy training.

Module 1

Foundations of Teaching Hypnotherapy

Explore the core principles of hypnotherapy and effective educational strategies to empower the next generation of hypnotherapists.



Module 2

Advanced Hypnotherapy Techniques

Dive into the depths of advanced hypnotherapy techniques, mastering sophisticated methods and interventions to enhance therapeutic outcomes and teaching proficiency.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.
Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.

Module 3

Curriculum Development for Diverse Environments

Gain expertise in tailoring hypnotherapy curriculum for diverse learning environments, ensuring accessibility, engagement, and impactful education across various settings.


Module 4

Mastering Communication and Engagement

Refine your ability to connect and communicate with students through interactive strategies that enhance engagement and foster a dynamic learning atmosphere in hypnotherapy education.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.
Hypnotherapy training.

Module 5

Assessing and Elevating Student Performance

Develop skills in evaluating student progress and implementing strategies to elevate performance, ensuring comprehensive understanding and application of hypnotherapy principles.

Module 6

Final Preparations for the Practicum

Consolidate your knowledge and skills with final preparations, setting the stage for a successful teaching practicum that bridges theory with practical, real-world instruction.

Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.
Advanced Hypnotherapy Training.

Modules 7-10

Teaching Practicum

Engage in a hands-on teaching practicum, applying your skills in a real classroom setting to guide, mentor, and inspire students as they navigate their journey into hypnotherapy.

Transform Your Passion into Your Profession with
the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute

Important Course Information

The Level 4: Meta Hypnotherapy Teacher Training starts March 29, 2024.

This training consists of two parts and includes a teaching practicum. 

PART 1: We will meet 6 times over the course of a year on:

March 29th, April 26th, May 24th, June 28th, July 26th, August 30th. 

PART 2: The teaching practicum will take place from September – December.

You must complete our Level 1: Meta Hypnotherapy Training and Level 2: Advanced Meta Hypnotherapy Training to be eligible for this training.

This program meets for 7 modules over the course of a year. Each class is 2 hours from 9am-11am PT,10am-12pm MT, 11am-1pm CT, 12pm-2pm ET.

This training will be held online via Zoom.

The content level for this course is advanced.

Completion of the training results in eligibility to teach at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute. Participation in this course does not guarantee a teaching position.

Meet Your Instructor

Kelly Bearer, MA, LPCC, ACHT

I’m an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychedelic Psychotherapist Psychotherapist, and the founder of the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute and I train, certify, and mentor therapists in Meta Hypnotherapy.

A graduate of Naropa University with an M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, I have over 16 years of experience in the counseling field. My methodology includes Meta Hypnotherapy, Integral Theory, Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Subtle Energy, and Holistic Integrative healing techniques.

An ordained Zen Monk, my interests lie in exploring the intersection of spirituality and psychology, the ground where our healing journey begins.