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HYPNOCONNECT: Online Group Supervision for Hypnotherapists

Get Certified Faster with Online Group Supervision!

🌀 Elevate Your Hypnotherapy Practice with Expert Supervision

with Kelly Bearer, MA, LPCC ACHT

Saturday, July 29th

9:00am – 2:00pm PT, 10:00am – 3:00pm MT, 11:00am – 4:00pm CT, 12pm – 5:00pm ET


Welcome to Hypno Connect, your trusted partner in online group supervision for hypnotherapists. Our platform offers the opportunity for hypnotherapists worldwide to grow, connect, and enrich their practice through guidance, support, and collective learning.



Under the guidance of seasoned professionals with extensive experience, gain insights into the nuances of hypnotherapy and refine your techniques.


Discover the power of collective intelligence. Engage in lively discussions, case study analyses, and collaborative problem-solving with peers around the world.


Participate in our online sessions from anywhere. Our digital platform ensures seamless access, irrespective of your location.


Enjoy continued support and guidance even outside the sessions. We offer a range of resources, including individual supervision and consultation sessions.


We place a strong emphasis on ethical hypnotherapy practice. Learn to navigate complex scenarios while upholding ethical boundaries and standards.

The Experience

📚 Online Group Supervision

Online group supervision sessions where we dive into a range of topics, discuss case studies, and share industry trends.

🎯 Personalized Feedback

Personalized feedback on your practice, helping you to refine your techniques and navigate challenges.

💡Live Practice Sessions

Hypnotherapy practice sessions in small groups for in-the-moment feedback and support.


Testimonials 🗣️

“Hypno Connect has significantly elevated my practice. The feedback from experienced supervisors and the chance to learn from peers has been invaluable!” – Sarah T., Hypnotherapist

“The convenience of online supervision coupled with the wealth of resources offered by Hypno Connect has helped me deepen my understanding and enhance my skills as a hypnotherapist.” – John D., Hypnotherapist

“The Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute’s online group supervision has been a game-changer for me. I have grown immensely as a practitioner, and the community has been wonderfully supportive.” – Jane K., Hypnotherapist

“I am so grateful for the depth of learning and support provided by the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute. The online supervision sessions have significantly improved my therapeutic outcomes.” – Michael R., Hypnotherapist

Online Group Supervision: Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy

Your Practice Sessions During Online Group Supervision Count As Two Sessions Toward Your Meta Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotherapy training and certification.

Kelly Bearer, MA, ACHT

Kelly is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Psychology Professor at Naropa University, Zen Monk and Founder of the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute. She works with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens to overcome addictions, heal past traumas, conquer fear, fix relationships, find happiness and improve careers. She offers sessions both online and in-person at her Boulder, Colorado office.

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