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Online Breathwork Intensive

Join Us for Transformational Breathwork 


Online Breathwork Intensive

with Kelly Bearer, MA, LPCC, ACHT

Saturday, July 30th

9:00am-12:00pm PT, 10:00am-1:00pm MT, 12:00pm-3:00pm ET



Access the Power of Non-Ordinary States and
Shamanic Consciousness to Transform Your Life

Transformational Breathwork is a self-healing modality that can free up old, stuck, negative emotional patterns, beliefs, and thoughts.

Through the process of experiencing full, open, connected breathing, you can integrate the mind, body, and spirit at higher and deeper levels of consciousness.

Healing, joy, bliss and peace are common outcomes. This workshop is designed for those who are new to connected breathing as well as experienced breathwork practitioners.

In this 90-minute deep awakening breathwork journey set to music, you’ll learn how to break through whatever holds you back simply by connecting with your breath.

All healing happens in non-ordinary states of consciousness. We have to get out of our everyday thinking mind in order to allow new possibilities to emerge. As long as we are in the “thinking mind”, no healing, magic, miracle, or transpersonal experience can happen.

For a millennium the breath has been used by ancient mystery schools to access non-ordinary states of consciousness for healing, union with our higher self, and to commune with the Divine. Through breath induced states, we can transcend the “normal” to allow the extraordinary.

On entering the subconscious state, the veil between the “known” and the “bigger picture” suddenly becomes transparent and amazing insights, occurrences or healing happens.

The breath acts as a bridge between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind and allows the release of stress, memories & emotions held in your being, not usually accessible through conventional talk therapies.

The vigorous connected breathing increases the level of oxygen and energy in your body to enable you to go beyond the known.


The evocative music takes you on a shamanic journey of exploration and healing. Flying on the wings of your inner healer you connect to all levels of your true being and leave behind what holds you back.

Come and experience non-substance based consciousness expansion and healing – a true shamanic journey. Induced by vigorous breathing, sonically driven, and elevated by evocative tribal music – you will embark on a great experience of letting go and transformation. An experience you will never forget!

EXHALE: Transformational Breathwork Intensive

Join Us For Transformational Breathwork

Kelly Bearer, MA, ACHT

Kelly is an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Psychology Professor at Naropa University, Zen Monk and Founder of the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute. She works with adults, adolescents, and pre-teens to overcome addictions, heal past traumas, conquer fear, fix relationships, find happiness and improve careers. Kelly has studied extensively with Ken Wilber, Stan Grof, and many great Transpersonal pioneers. She teaches the Six-Day Hypnotherapy Training and Certification program and the Advanced Two-Year Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification at the Wellness Institute.

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