The Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute is committed to
Exploring the Leading Edge of Consciousness, Healing, and Self-Discovery.

Trim Life

6-Week Weight Loss Program

March 15th

We offer the highest quality online hypnotherapy courses, events, trainings, and transformational intensives for both professional and personal growth.

Hypnotherapy Mastermind

Start, Grow, & Scale Your Business

Personal Transformation Intensive® is a powerful, growth program
that uses Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Energetic Psychodrama, Breathwork,
The Clearing Process, Meditation, and Mastermind Groups to help you Break Free from the Victim Trap and Reclaim Your Personal Power.

Online Group Supervision

Hone Your Hypnotherapy Skills

March 20th

Subtle Energy

Energetic Tools for Transformation and Healing

Starts April 7th