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Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute is the premier continuing education organization in the field of hypnotherapy. We offer certification for mental health professionals, coaches, and wellness practitioners in hypnotherapy.

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Join 6000+ mental health providers and download our free hypnotherapy training brochure below to start your new career as a certified hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis Training & Certification

Unlock new opportunities with our online hypnotherapy trainings tailored for mental health professionals, coaches, wellness practitioners, and medical professionals seeking certification in clinical hypnotherapy. Dive into our comprehensive five-day online training and elevate your practice with cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques.

Upcoming Hypnotherapy Trainings

Level 1 Hypnotherapy Training

Become a certified hypnotherapist during our five-day online hypnotherapy training.

September 18-22, 2024

Level 2 Advanced Hypnotherapy Training

Become an advanced certified hypnotherapist during our year-long online hypnotherapy training.

December 13-15, 2024

Level 3 Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training

Become an advanced certified spiritual hypnotherapist during our year-long online hypnotherapy training.

November 8-10, 2024

Past Life Regression Training

Become certified in past life regression during our online past life regression training.

 August 14-18, 2024

The Comprehensive Program for Hypnotherapy Training Certification

Level 1: Hypnotherapy Training Certification

Embark on a transformative career as a certified hypnotherapist. Our online training program equips you with the skills to heal and empower others. Start your journey today and make a positive impact.

Level 2: Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Certification

Elevate your skills with our comprehensive year-long program. Learn advanced techniques to help your clients achieve their goals. Become a certified Advanced Hypnotherapist today!

Level 3: Spiritual Hypnotherapy Training Certification

Explore the world of Spiritual Hypnotherapy with our year-long certification. Unlock the mind-body connection, empower others, and find fulfillment in holistic wellness. Join today!

Level 4: Hypnotherapy Teacher Training

Take your hypnotherapy skills to the next level with our comprehensive Meta Hypnotherapy Teacher Training program. Become a certified instructor at the Boulder Hypnotherapy Institute and join a community of passionate individuals.

Backed By Science

In a scientific study, hypnotherapy showed to have a 93% success rate after 6 sessions as compared to behavior therapy which showed to have a 72% success rate after 22 sessions, and psychoanalysis which showed to have a 38% success rate after 600 sessions.

1Source: Barrios, Alfred A. “Hypnotherapy: A Reappraisal,” Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice.




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Latest Hypnotherapy Training News

Stay up-to-date with the latest hypnotherapy methods, techniques, and trends, and check out our weekly blog. From clinical hypnotherapy to spiritual regressions, this blog is committed to discovering and sharing the best from the field.

Insurance Companies that Cover Hypnotherapy

Insurance Companies that Cover Hypnotherapy

Insurance Companies That Cover Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy, a recognized form of psychotherapy, has garnered increased attention for its effectiveness in treating a range of conditions such as anxiety, chronic pain, depression, and more. Despite its benefits, many...

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety: A Pathway to Peace and Empowerment

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety: A Pathway to Peace and Empowerment

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety: A Pathway to Peace and Empowerment Anxiety, a pervasive and often debilitating condition, affects millions worldwide. The persistent worry, restlessness, and emotional turmoil can overshadow the simple joys of life, making everyday tasks feel...

What Students Say About Our Hypnosis Trainings

This is the most amazing course. Kelly is truly the most brilliant, most loving, and most delightful teacher I have ever known in my 50-year career of lifelong learning and passion for healing. Do not miss this training.

Nancy Brighton


Kelly’s teaching style is clear and straightforward, with a dash of humor. She makes learning very easy! I am so grateful for the teachings I have received in this course!

Tammy McCollam

Mental Health Counselor

Kelly is a wonderful instructor, who puts so much love into her content and I would certainly recommend this course to others!

Rachel Hipp


This class has deepened my understanding of the chakra system and its developmental process, my awareness of my subtle body energy field and how to start working with clients on this level. 

Marie Healy


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