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[Self-Hypnosis] I Rely On My Inner Wisdom

[Self-Hypnosis] I Rely On My Inner Wisdom

I rely on my inner wisdom.

The best decisions I make rely on my inner wisdom. This is the part of me that considers all of my knowledge, that has access to all of my experience. This part of me understands my current situation perfectly.

My inner wisdom provides me with the best options for me.

My emotions can lead me astray. Emotions can lead to compulsive behavior. It is my emotions that lead me to eat unhealthy food, spend money foolishly, or to stay in an unhealthy relationship.

On the other hand, my inner wisdom leads me to make wise decisions.

My wisdom provides ideas, solutions, and options that consider the long-term implications. My emotions only consider the short-term. I know that living my life to the fullest requires a long-term perspective.

My wise inner voice can be quiet, so I must be willing to be quiet and listen carefully. It can be drowned out by too many distractions. I find time each day to pay attention to what it has to say.

I respect my wisdom and follow it to the best of my ability.

Today, I make the best possible choices for my life by relying on my inner wisdom. I quiet my emotions and focus on the messages that my wisdom whispers to me. I welcome the suggestions of my wise inner voice.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. When have I ignored my inner wisdom? What was the result?

2. If I regularly followed the advice of my inner wisdom, what would be the likely result over the next 10 years?

3. What was my decision-making process when I made my most foolish decisions?

[Self-Hypnosis] My New Life Begins Today

[Self-Hypnosis] My New Life Begins Today

My new life begins today.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I am finally beginning to live the life I was destined to live. I refuse to allow anything to stand in my way. Today is the day it happens!

Today is the day that everything changes for the better.

I understand the value of each day. I respect and cherish every day of my life.

I am determined to live my life in a way that pleases me. I am committed to living a life that demonstrates my preferences and values.

I am starting a new chapter in my life that suits me perfectly.

I make myself a priority starting today. I have plans for how I want to live my life, and they become a reality today.

I am taking responsibility for the life I live. I am a change-maker, and I am making things happen! I know what needs to be done, and I am doing it.

I refuse to allow anything to stop me. I am committed to the future that I desire.

Today, I start my new life. I am living my life differently than before. I am now living the life that is best for me.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How would I describe the kind of life I want to live? What is stopping me?

2. Why have I allowed myself to continue living a life I don’t enjoy fully?

3. What can I change today that will bring me closer to living the ideal life for me?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Filled With Purpose

[Self-Hypnosis] I Am Filled With Purpose

I am filled with purpose.

My life is rich and rewarding. I search for meaning. I listen to my heart. I analyze the things I love to do and the things I do well. I list the qualities that I want to possess. I develop a personal mission statement.

I increase my awareness. I gain a deeper understanding of myself through meditation and prayer. I make concrete plans that leverage my unique skills and strengths.

I talk with others. My path may be different, but I can learn a lot by asking others about their experiences. I share my own goals and dreams. I welcome constructive feedback.

I look at ordinary activities from a different perspective. Housework and casual conversations take on greater significance when I view them as something sacred. I imagine creating a safe home for my family and giving someone a reason to smile.

I limit distractions. I turn off the TV and let go of nonessential tasks. I devote more time and energy to my passions.

I surround myself with positive influences. I share encouragement and support with family and friends. I enjoy uplifting books and podcasts.

I check in regularly to evaluate my progress. I ensure that my daily actions match my purpose. I recognize that my purpose may shift over time. I update my priorities as needed.

Today, I embrace life. I maximize my opportunities to learn and grow. I feel happy and fulfilled when I focus on my purpose.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is the difference between living and existing?

2. How does having a purpose help me to manage stress?

3. What would my ideal life look like?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Commit To Personal Growth

[Self-Hypnosis] I Commit To Personal Growth

I commit to personal growth.

I know it is important for me to be vigilant about improving my game. I stay consistent and persistent in achieving my goals. I stay on target.

I find ways to take my determination to new heights. I find positive people to keep me motivated. I relinquish outdated forms of motivation to get ahead of the game.

I recognize that in this New Game of Life, I need to be “all in”. I stay present with the trends and get out ahead of them. I take the reins of leadership in my hot little hands.

Just as in video games, where the players keep going up to higher levels, I keep my eye on the prize. My goals are within reach. I am positively motivated from within.

I read about the latest and greatest leaders in my field. I study what makes them tick. I try some of the same success strategies to see if they can work for me, too.

I use my time wisely. I make the most of every moment. I follow people who uplift me. I then, in turn, lift others.

In order to be a top performer in my field, I ensure that my body is in tip top shape. I eat foods that nourish my body and mind. My mind is sharp as a tack. I am on top of my game.

As I keep raising the bar for myself, I become a peak performer.

I rise to every occasion. I surprise myself with my incredible stamina. I am determined. I am strong-willed. I have everything it takes to do better than my previous best.

Today, I am proof that personal growth is a life-long legacy.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What is one step I can take today to personally grow?

2. What books can I read to help me grow?

3. How can my legacy inspire others?

[Self-Hypnosis] I Tune In To My Intuition

[Self-Hypnosis] I Tune In To My Intuition

I tune in to my intuition.

I allow my creative juices to flow through me. I listen to my inner voice. All things lead me to my sweet heart.

Within my heart, I find solace. I find a quiet place where I can sit and rest within. I create a peaceful landscape where I can create anything I want.

In this inner garden, I create glowing flowers with unique scents. I light up my inner world with sparkles and orbs of light. I let my imagination run free like a wild mustang.

I feel myself come alive as I tap into my inner guidance.

My inner guide takes me to a magnificent wisdom tree. My tree welcomes me within its branches. I cuddle up in its arms and relax like a child. I snuggle into safety.

I feel my intuition come online when I become my inner child. I explore lands with colors I have never seen before. I travel to the stars. I marvel at the expansiveness of my imagination.

By becoming one with my imagination, my intuition grows.

I gain confidence in my intuition. I think of times when my intuition has been the voice of wisdom.

Through my intuition, I tap into deeper states of knowingness. I find that answers come to me easily and effortlessly. I notice that solutions reveal themselves with grace and ease.

Today, I recognize that my intuition is always spot on. It brings me the answers I seek with the wisdom of the ages.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I incorporate intuition more readily into my life?

2. What are some ways I can cultivate my intuition?

3. Where in my life could I trust my instincts more?