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7 Therapeutic Ways Past Life Regression Therapy Helps Clients

Many Cultures, Religions, Psychologists, Philosophers, and even Scientists believe that we have not only lived before but can access these memories to have a richer experience in this current life.

To quote a Tibetan Buddhist Scholar & Educator, Sogyal Rinpoche:

“Past life regression is the oldest spiritual and philosophical idea found on planet earth. The reminiscences and rumination of the past are recovered through a modus operandi known as hypnosis in which general practitioners regain consciousness of an individual. Generally, this practice is taken place under spiritual or in a psychotherapeutic setting. Past life regression is not merely a trick but has serious effects and implications on one’s life. A deep study and knowledge are required for this type of practice, it is necessary to work with proficient and experienced professionals, so as to avoid any issue regarding the practice or in case if any matter ascends in the progression of regression.

Regardless of your beliefs, Past Life Regression can be used therapeutically through hypnosis to help your clients to:

1. Examine negative patterns in the current life and find root causes from the past, allowing them to release the unhealthy behaviors.

2. Examine current health issues and find causes from a past life, either an injury or death-wound and release the painful memory, getting relief.

3. Examine fears and phobias that don’t have an explanation in the client’s memory.

4. Examine painful relationships and see if the client has traveled with that soul or souls in a past life and repair or complete unfinished business in this life.

5. Understand dreams, familiarity, and/or fascination with a different time and place in history.

6. Stimulate creativity when working on projects like writing historical fiction, creating costumes, architecture, art, movies, sets, and shows.

7. Remembering Healthy Patterns, Perspective, Solutions, and Remedies from Past Lives to use today.

If you are ready to bring Past Life Regression Therapy to your clients for deeper and greater healing, our next Past Life Regression Training and Certification program is August 13-15, 2021. Apply today!

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