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Analyzing past experiences provides me with valuable life lessons.

I acknowledge that my past is a wide open window to my future. Past events hold the key to the outcome of situations I may be faced with later down the road.

When I experience something, I avoid taking the experience for granted, regardless of how trivial it may seem. I understand that there is a lesson in each situation, and I endeavor to determine what that lesson is.

I stop and take note of each experience, reflecting on what I can learn from it. Perhaps the lesson can help me solve a challenge I am facing now. Otherwise, it might prove to be valuable in overcoming, or even preventing, a challenge down the road.

I view every experience as an opportunity to understand how to live. I take a look at the impact of the situation and allow myself to be inspired by what has happened. Even if the situation is negative, I extract the positive out of it.

I am able to teach my peers and family how to live positively with others by analyzing my own feelings from past experiences. I use those memories – both negative and positive – to help those around me to create good memories.

Today, I commit to looking forward by looking back: using past experiences to help shape my steps towards the future. I know that at the very least, I can learn what actions to avoid by analyzing the outcome of past experiences.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I ever make the same mistake more than once?

2. Do I analyze even those experiences that I want to forget?

3. Do I encourage my peers to live in the present with an eye on the past?

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