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Basic Assumptions of Past Life Regression Therapy

We have many physical bodies that we reincarnate into and we have a spiritual body that carries into the present life, emotional and mental residues, and imprints of karmic actions.

Emotional residues can be many strong emotions with little reason, based on our present life and conscious understanding. These can range from strong attraction to strong aversion, from a phobia to an instant connection.

Mental residues can be fixed thoughts with little reason, based on our present life and conscious understanding. As presenting issues, they are often limiting beliefs or a singular frame of perception that is unhelpful for the client.

Karmic causative actions in past lives can have karmic effects in the present life. We may need to get insights into the workings of that cause and effect to apply a balancing or antidote realization, action, and intention.

The benefit of therapy in past lives is to clear the emotional residue, clarify the mental frame and understand the karmic causative actions and intentions of the client.

In Past Life Regression Therapy we often work with emotions and thoughts, by releasing the old negative feelings and thoughts that are now outdated and based on events in the past that are over. We support the client to clean up those residues and help the client return balanced and clear into the present life.

In Past Life Regression Therapy we sometimes need to fully grasp and untangle the interweaving threads of karma, though this is often not required to be done explicitly.

The outcome is to move forward with more emotional peace, mental clarity and to ground in this life so the client can engage in better future actions.

The Past Life Regression process is like other regressive therapies that go to a source of the issue to heal and release it. We regress our clients back to causes in past lives, to help resolve effects on their present-day issues.

Along the way the client gathers secondary benefits of a personal experience or expanded spiritual perception, that can overcome the fear of death, and end with the client being more fully in the present moment.

Past Life Regression Therapy has many applications and benefits. If you’re looking to add another revenue stream to your business and want to bring more spiritual healing work to your private practice, your clients, and the world join our 3-day Past Life Regression Training Certification.

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