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The Victim Triangle


The Victim Triangle is a model of dysfunctional human interaction created by Stephen Karpan in the 1960s and is used specifically in Transactional Analysis psychotherapy.

The Victim Triangle illustrates a power game that is at the core of our unhealthy relationships – with family, friends, partners, coworkers, even ourselves.

There are three distinct roles in this game of power. Each role has its own set of beliefs and behaviors that govern it. These roles are the Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor.

The Victim

The Victim has a “poor me” attitude and is unable to own their power and therefore sees the world as happening to them. “Everything always happens to me.” The Victim often feels powerless and hopeless.

The Rescuer

The Rescuer has an “I can help you” attitude and tries to deny their sense of powerlessness and instead try to feel powerful by helping others who are Victims. Often this turns into resentment when the Rescuer realizes that their secret desire to be rescued in return isn’t going to happen.

The Persecutor

The Persecutor has an “it’s all your fault attitude and blames others around them. Often this can take the form of anger, aggression, attack, criticism, judgment, shaming, and of course blaming. The Persecutor is unable to own their power and therefore uses their power in hurtful and even abusive ways. Some use stonewalling, silencing, and ghosting as ways to persecute as well.

Break Free From the Victim Triangle with Past Life Regression Therapy

In clinical hypnotherapy, we use age regression to go back to the source of feeling powerless to address the Victim Triangle dynamics that are present in the client’s life. It’s in the age regression where we discover the old conclusion the client made about themselves as well as the old decision and behavior they made based on that old conclusion.

But what if the source of our Victim consciousness and the feeling of powerlessness goes way, way back? Like all the back to a Past Life?

It’s often said that “we are born into these roles at birth.” I think we are entrenched in these Victim Triangle roles from lifetime to lifetime.

The Victim Triangle as Karmic Issues

What if our Victim Consciousness wasn’t just an issue from this life, but what if it has roots in the past and these are issues that we are bringing with us from lifetime to lifetime as lessons to learn, contracts to break, and deeper soul healing to be had?

This is what is known as Karmic Issues. Karmic Issues are unresolved issues from our past lives and typically come in the form of lessons, or agreements and contracts with others. Have you ever wondered who your partner was in a past life? Perhaps your parent or child or uncle? These relationship issues could be Karmic Issues when looked at from the perspective of Spiritual Reality.

The best way to heal Karmic Issues is with Past Life Regression therapy. Nothing helps your client see their role and own their responsibility and behavior and consequences faster than Past Life Regression therapy.

If you want to help your clients get off the Victim Triangle and move from Victim to Conscious Creator, Rescuer to Empowered Healer, and Persecutor to Healthy Challenger, join our next Past Life Regression Training and Certification here.

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