Boulder, Colorado



I am resilient.

I totally acknowledge and appreciate my resilience. I realize my strength in all the areas of my life. I marvel at how resilient both my body and mind are!

I am notified by a tiny “pop up” in my brain whenever negative thoughts arise. My inner hero replaces those thoughts with positive, self-affirming thoughts.

My inner archeologist digs down to unearth antiquated limiting beliefs. After thorough investigation, they are reduced to rubble and dismissed as irrelevant.

My city planner in my brain finds solid foundations on which to build my new me.

I have a landscape architect who plans out a beautiful thought garden. My master gardener in my mind cultivates beautiful new ideas.

While I sleep, my new plants of strength and courage awaken in the moonlight.

During dream time, my feelings get a makeover as well. I feel the strength of the ocean and know I can overcome any challenge, just as the waves reduce stone to sand.

A great night’s sleep is also valuable to restore my physical stamina. All my cells are renewing and repairing for a new day.

I love that I have an amazing body that automatically rejuvenates itself!

Today, I greet the dawn feeling refreshed and ready for an exciting new day! After all, this day is the first day of the rest of my life and I want to make the most of it! Come what may, I am confident that my natural resilience can win the day.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I become more resilient?

2. In which areas of my life can I become more resilient?

3. What activities can I do to become more resilient?

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