Boulder, Colorado



I am sovereign unto myself.

I am sovereign unto myself. I am the King/Queen of my castle. My kingdom is in my heart. My soul is my legacy. How I rule myself becomes the history of my life.

I am responsible for my life. I have dominion over my lands. I take full responsibility for my choices. I have the final say in my world.

My heart is the most benevolent ruler of my life. My heart is in charge. I make my wisest decisions from my heart. My heart rules over my mind. My mind is in service to my heart, like a loyal knight.

When my heart stays enthroned, all is well in my world. My kingdom is safe. I keep vigilant watch over those parts of myself that would like to overthrow my heart.

As King/Queen of my world, I keep my ego in check. Sometimes, I have to put my ego in the tower for a time out.

Once my ego has been humbled and remembers its place as the keeper of the gate, order is restored. When it returns to its role as protector of the kingdom, my boundaries within and without are secure. I am safe.

As I recognize the different archetypes within and the roles they play, I am able to keep my kingdom operating properly. I ensure that all aspects of my personality are in their proper roles.

Today, I relish the fact that I am sovereign unto myself. I prioritize my responsibility to rule my life in a way that creates the fulfilling life I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How do I rule my life? Am I a just and benevolent ruler?

2. How can I keep intruders from taking away my sovereignty?

3. Do I have inner saboteurs? Who are they? How can I resolve this?

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