Boulder, Colorado



I tune in to my intuition.

I allow my creative juices to flow through me. I listen to my inner voice. All things lead me to my sweet heart.

Within my heart, I find solace. I find a quiet place where I can sit and rest within. I create a peaceful landscape where I can create anything I want.

In this inner garden, I create glowing flowers with unique scents. I light up my inner world with sparkles and orbs of light. I let my imagination run free like a wild mustang.

I feel myself come alive as I tap into my inner guidance.

My inner guide takes me to a magnificent wisdom tree. My tree welcomes me within its branches. I cuddle up in its arms and relax like a child. I snuggle into safety.

I feel my intuition come online when I become my inner child. I explore lands with colors I have never seen before. I travel to the stars. I marvel at the expansiveness of my imagination.

By becoming one with my imagination, my intuition grows.

I gain confidence in my intuition. I think of times when my intuition has been the voice of wisdom.

Through my intuition, I tap into deeper states of knowingness. I find that answers come to me easily and effortlessly. I notice that solutions reveal themselves with grace and ease.

Today, I recognize that my intuition is always spot on. It brings me the answers I seek with the wisdom of the ages.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I incorporate intuition more readily into my life?

2. What are some ways I can cultivate my intuition?

3. Where in my life could I trust my instincts more?

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