Boulder, Colorado



I Manage My Time For Success.

I am the master of time management! Each moment spent has a defined purpose. I place my priorities toward the top of my to-do list and ensure that these responsibilities get completed.

I tackle my toughest challenges first thing and pave the way for a successful day.

I manage my time for success because I am committed to my life purpose. I am here for a reason. My time is priceless.

My priorities change according to the environment I find myself in.

Time is of the essence in my workplace; I develop tunnel vision when it comes to checking tasks off of my to-do list.

When I am in the office, I close the door to all distractions. Texting friends, reading the news, and checking Facebook all take a backseat to the work that quickly piles up on my desk.

At times, focusing on my workload may be challenging. However, I always conquer distractions because I know that my family’s livelihood is dependent on my performance.

When I am home, the itinerary is far more relaxed, but things still get done.

I am aware that there are only so many hours in the day. For this reason, the kids have a to-do list. They must tidy up their bedrooms, load the dishwasher, and complete their homework before they can play.

Today, I focus on streamlining my performance and optimizing my time for success!

​Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I manage my time efficiently?

2. What can I do to get more done in less time?

3. Can I delegate tasks that do not require my immediate attention?

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