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Are You in a Karmic Relationship?

Are You in a Karmic Relationship?

Are You in a Karmic Relationship? 

Have you ever wondered if your relationship was meant to be?

It may be so, but that does not necessarily mean that it’s a relationship that is meant to stand the test of time. It could be a karmic relationship. Here’s a look into what a karmic relationship is, plus the most common signs you might be in one and what you can do about it.

What is a Karmic Relationship?

A karmic relationship is a relationship that is meant to teach you a specific lesson. But that does not necessarily mean you two are forever partners. Karmic relationships facilitate growth and learning. Soulmate relationships facilitate healing. A karmic relationship is a type of soulmate relationship, but it’s usually a difficult, bumpy, rollercoaster of a ride.

Here are some signs you are in a karmic relationship now or in your past:

1. The connection is instant. From the moment you meet, you feel as though you have known this person before. Sometimes the feeling is positive and sometimes the feeling is negative in this moment of connection.

2. There is a lot of drama. Usually, the foundation of these types of relationships is chaotic. If your relationship is fueled by drama, chances are it is a karmic relationship.

3. Something feels off right from the start. Yet despite the red flags, you stay. Often it’s these triggers that are the lesson of the relationship.

4. Communication is horrible. Often, there is a lot of miscommunication that leaves you feeling frustrated, misunderstood, and alone inside the relationship.

5. They are addicting. There is an unhealthy, all-consuming aspect to these types of relationships. Think of the narcissist-empath relationship dynamics. You become addicted to the intensity, chaos, and make-up cycles of the relationship. This is where karmic relationships cross the line into toxic relationships.

There are many more signs, but for now, I think you get the drift.

So, if you are in a karmic relationship, what can you do about it?

Often through Past Life Regression, we are able to locate the karmic knot that ties you two together in unhealthy ways and begin to untie, unhook, and liberate you from the karmic chains and bondage contracts you made with one another in a previous life.

Whatever is holding you back in your relationships, come clear and heal your karmic issues during our Past Life Regression Training and Certification program, August 13-15, 2021.

Discover your own past lives and get certified while you do!

5 Ways to Know If You’re Living in the Past

5 Ways to Know If You’re Living in the Past

Are You Living In The Past? 

Check out these 5 ways to know if you’re living in the past and what you can do about it.

Do you struggle to rise above any life challenges that come your way?

Maybe you’ve gone from having plenty of money and a big house to living from paycheck to paycheck in a small apartment.

Or perhaps you’ve experienced the loss of a relationship that devastated you but you’ve been able to bounce back and continue to live the life of your dreams.

However, if you find yourself feeling stuck looking back wistfully to earlier years, and wishing things could have remained “that way,” you’re probably living in the past.

If you notice you still suffer a lot of emotional pain over an upsetting event you experienced long ago, you might be stuck in your history and unable to move forward. Although some would argue, “What’s so bad about living in the past,” the fact is that doing so means the present-your reality-is flying by without you grabbing on to it to move forward and achieve your life aspirations.

You’re living in the past if:

1. You think every day about some aspect of how your life used to be. Maybe you call it “nostalgia” or simple yearnings for what your life was like before. Reflecting daily on the past can get in the way of moving forward.

2. You try to sleep as much as possible so you can dream about earlier years. When you sleep at night, your dreams become fantasies about how your life was before. You look forward to those dreams.

3. You spend a lot of time on the computer. Being on the computer keeps you busy and you don’t have to think about how your life has changed.

4. You use other methods to “escape” from reality, like reading, cleaning, or even drinking alcohol. Perhaps you’re constantly in motion and doing something so you don’t have to face life as it is now.

5. You’re in denial about your current living situation. It’s hard to accept that you no longer have a partner or live in the home you thought you would for the rest of your life. Maybe you don’t want to rearrange the furniture or get rid of some things you don’t use because they remind you of a person who’s no longer in your life.

If you see yourself in these 5 points, you’re living in the past.

Examine the following steps to get started living in the present. Start Living in the Here and Now Now that you’ve identified the issue(s), it’s time to re-connect with yourself and move forward to create a fulfilling life.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Openly acknowledge to yourself what you’ve been doing. The first step toward healing is acknowledging the error of your ways. “I’ve been living in the past and I want to stop doing that.”

2. Decide what you must do to shift into the present. Do you need to clean out closets, get rid of old possessions, and maybe even move your residence? Sometimes, moving forward in your life literally means moving.

3. Know your life goals. Make a plan you can follow to actively pursue your goals.

4. Take care of yourself. Face yourself in the mirror. Take excellent physical care of yourself. Re-focus your efforts on the current state of your physical body and take care of yourself.

5. Vow to practice special efforts with your feelings. Work to gain understanding of your feelings. Allow yourself to grieve who or what you’ve lost if you need to.

6. Contact professionals if needed. Seek out medical care if you’ve overlooked doing that these past years. Have an annual check-up. If you require psychological assistance to get things in perspective, contact your local mental health center or ask your general physician for a referral to a counselor.

7. Waste no more time. Be in awe of each day. You can do something positive with every 24 hour period. Start immediately.

Living in the past robs you of the life you truly deserve. Re-state your life goals to yourself and then begin living out your dreams in the here and now.

Some of us are more tied to our past than others. And no matter what we do to cut the cords, release the energy, and heal our attachment wounds, the energetic connections still linger.

So why is that?

That’s where Karma comes in. Karma is not “an eye for an eye.” Karma is so much deeper than what pop culture would like us to think.

We create karma in each lifetime. It’s the work of the Soul to heal our karmic issues for the goal of being fully free, present, and grounded IN THIS LIFE.

What karma have you brought into this lifetime with you? One way to find out is to look at your lifespan as a timeline and to notice if you see any patterns repeating themselves over and over and over again.

It could be money patterns, love and relationship patterns, career and success patterns.

Whatever is holding you back come clear and heal your karmic issues during our Past Life Regression Training and Certification program, August 13-15, 2021.

Discover your own past lives and get certified while you do!

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Chakra Clearing Meditation

Start your mornings with this Chakra Clearing Meditation to cleanse, clear, and release all non-beneficiary energies from your energy field. This is a great cleansing meditation anytime you need quick relief or a fast pick-me-up.

A natural flow of electro-magnetic energy resides within, and radiates out, from your body every moment of every day. This field of energy (sometimes called the ‘aura’) is a complex matrix of patterns, energy forms, and energy transactions.

This field of energy affects every aspect of your daily living, your thoughts, your feelings, your state of well-being. It is the filter through which you take every action, and create all your life experiences. Your energetic state bears influence on everything you do…. it drives all aspects of your life.

Cleanse, Align, and Protect Your Energy Field with this Chakra Clearing Meditation anytime you like!

The Power of Anchors: 5 Keys to Creating Strong Anchors for You and Your Clients

The Power of Anchors: 5 Keys to Creating Strong Anchors for You and Your Clients

The Power of Anchors: 5 Keys to Creating Strong Anchors for You and Your Clients

All of our experiences, both conscious and unconscious, are derived from and through our senses and central nervous system.

Our mental processes are also coded, organized, given meaning, and transformed through language.

The way that we organize, pattern, and structure our neurology and communications is our programming.

It’s the negative programming that we work to heal, rewire, and update in the hypnotherapy process.

A neuro-linguistic programming tool I want to work with today is how to create powerful anchors as a resource state in the hypnotherapy session itself.

An anchor is any stimulus that evokes a consistent emotional response pattern from a person.

The stimulus occurs through the sensory channels. Sight, sound, sense, smell, taste.

We can experience visual anchors, for example, looking at your old childhood photos is a visual anchor that links you back to your past.

Auditory anchors such as music, sounds, and vocal tones can bring us back to a powerful internal experience.

The feeling of the grass on your feet is an example of a kinesthetic anchor and the smell of the rain on a hot summer’s day is an example of an olfactory anchor.

An Anchor is an internal state that is triggered by an external stimulus. Any time a person is in an associated, intense state, if at the peak of that experience, a specific stimulus is applied, then the two will be linked neurologically.

The Five Keys to Anchoring: ITURN

Intensity of the Experience

Timing of the Anchor

Uniqueness of the Anchor

Replication of the Stimulus

Number of Times

Intensity of the experience. Make sure that you anchor the most intense part of the positive experience.

Timing of the anchor. Timing is key. Install the anchor at the peak of the most intense part of the positive experience.

Uniqueness of the anchor. The more personal and unique the stimulus is to the person the better.

Replication of the stimulus. Repeat the anchor exactly the same way each time using the same gesture, tone, timing, etc…

Number of times. Repetition helps to increase the strength of the anchor each time it is used. Practice becomes a habit with enough repetition.

Anchoring can assist you in gaining access to past states and linking the past state to the present and the future.

Not only can you gain access to past positive states to anchor, but you can also gain access to past lives to anchor and link positive past lives to your present life in the here and now.

Learn all about this and more during our Past Life Regression Training and Certification program. Take advantage of our discounted tuition for a limited time with our new payment plan option.


Summer Solstice Meditation

Summer Solstice Meditation

Celebrate Summer Solstice 2021 with this Portal of Transformation Meditation!

The sun is at its strongest during the summer solstice, and it can be both energizing and intense. Meditation is a wonderful tool to use as you soak up its power and practice presence.

Do this meditation under the sun’s rays and let the warmth wash over you. Connecting with nature in this way is incredibly rewarding.

However you choose to honor the longest day of the year, may it be filled with light!

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