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The Power of Anchors: 5 Keys to Creating Strong Anchors for You and Your Clients

All of our experiences, both conscious and unconscious, are derived from and through our senses and central nervous system.

Our mental processes are also coded, organized, given meaning, and transformed through language.

The way that we organize, pattern, and structure our neurology and communications is our programming.

It’s the negative programming that we work to heal, rewire, and update in the hypnotherapy process.

A neuro-linguistic programming tool I want to work with today is how to create powerful anchors as a resource state in the hypnotherapy session itself.

An anchor is any stimulus that evokes a consistent emotional response pattern from a person.

The stimulus occurs through the sensory channels. Sight, sound, sense, smell, taste.

We can experience visual anchors, for example, looking at your old childhood photos is a visual anchor that links you back to your past.

Auditory anchors such as music, sounds, and vocal tones can bring us back to a powerful internal experience.

The feeling of the grass on your feet is an example of a kinesthetic anchor and the smell of the rain on a hot summer’s day is an example of an olfactory anchor.

An Anchor is an internal state that is triggered by an external stimulus. Any time a person is in an associated, intense state, if at the peak of that experience, a specific stimulus is applied, then the two will be linked neurologically.

The Five Keys to Anchoring: ITURN

Intensity of the Experience

Timing of the Anchor

Uniqueness of the Anchor

Replication of the Stimulus

Number of Times

Intensity of the experience. Make sure that you anchor the most intense part of the positive experience.

Timing of the anchor. Timing is key. Install the anchor at the peak of the most intense part of the positive experience.

Uniqueness of the anchor. The more personal and unique the stimulus is to the person the better.

Replication of the stimulus. Repeat the anchor exactly the same way each time using the same gesture, tone, timing, etc…

Number of times. Repetition helps to increase the strength of the anchor each time it is used. Practice becomes a habit with enough repetition.

Anchoring can assist you in gaining access to past states and linking the past state to the present and the future.

Not only can you gain access to past positive states to anchor, but you can also gain access to past lives to anchor and link positive past lives to your present life in the here and now.

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