Tap the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight Effortlessly

Tap the Power of Your Mind to Lose Weight Effortlessly

Losing weight is commonly a struggle. Over two-thirds of the adult, U.S. population is overweight or obese.

The vast majority of these people would like to lose weight. Why haven’t they?

Losing weight successfully requires the utilization of all your resources. Using the power of your mind to help with your weight-loss can tip the scales in your favor.

Use the power of purpose and habits to change your behavior:

1. Become a person who places a priority on health, moderation, and exercise. Changing your behavior is part of the solution to losing weight. A more important part of the equation is changing your identity – how you think of yourself. If you consider yourself as an overweight person taking healthy actions, success will be a challenge.

If you identify yourself as a healthy person that makes healthy decisions, success is much more likely and much easier. Your beliefs lead to your actions.

2. Develop an exercise habit. Having effective habits puts your brain on autopilot. If you need to lose weight, you already have some poor habits in place. Decide to override those habits and implant a few new habits.

Regular exercise doesn’t require willpower once you make it a habit. Willpower is necessary to create the habit. Make exercising easy! Start small, but be consistent.

3. Develop a healthy eating habit. Do the same thing with your eating habits. Add one healthy food and subtract an unhealthy food. Apply this process slowly until your diet is healthy and you’re happy with your weight loss.

4. Set a goal. How much would you like to weigh? If you have a clear target, your odds improve considerably. If you don’t know what you want, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Set a clear goal. A clear goal incorporates a deadline and a clear target. Your brain requires clarity in order to thrive.

5. Deal with any emotional turmoil. Our obstacles are in our own mind. What concerns do you have about losing weight? Are you worried about being hungry or feeling lethargic? Are you afraid your spouse won’t find you attractive anymore?

It’s necessary to deal with your negative emotions surrounding the achievement of your goal. Otherwise, you’ll be fighting with yourself.

6. Remind yourself. This can be as simple as reading your goal aloud and visualizing your success. Others have more success with repeating their goal several times per day. Reminding yourself about your goal keeps it in the front of your mind. Too many people fail to reinforce their goals and forget all about them within a week. Make this a habit, too.

Let today be the day you begin a successful weight-loss journey. You can lose weight faster and easier if you are able to use the power of your mind. Set a clear goal and develop habits that support that goal. In short a time, you’ll have the body you desire.

[Affirmations for Weight Loss] I Keep Moving

[Affirmations for Weight Loss] I Keep Moving

I keep moving.

I lead an active life.

I look for ways to burn more energy throughout the day. I reduce the amount of time that I spend sitting.

I stick to my workout program. I condition my heart and build my muscles. I develop a variety of activities that I enjoy. I run outdoors and on the treadmill. I lift weights and go to CrossFit classes. I do yoga and play sports.

I stand up while I am doing my usual tasks. I get on my feet while I brew coffee and talk on the phone.

I take more steps. I walk to work or ride my bike. I park further away from my destinations and travel the last distance on foot. I take the stairs instead of using the elevator or escalator.

I share my active lifestyle with others. I invite family and friends to work out with me. I sign up for group fitness classes. I chat with others online about my fitness goals.

I reorganize my home and workspace. I use my environment to create triggers that remind me to move around. I type at a standing desk and sit on an exercise ball. I keep a jump rope in my living room and do exercises during TV commercials.

I have fun. I treat my workouts like a game. I play music and dance around.

Today, I squeeze more exercise into my schedule. I engage my body and mind. I sit less and move more.

​Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I add more physical activity to my workday?

2. How can I exercise when I am unable to go to the gym?

3. What is one new sport I want to try?

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