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Past Life Regression for Weight Loss

Do you struggle with weight?

Have you tried everything under the sun and still nothing works?

Is it difficult to be healthy at any size?

Sometimes the past holds the key to our present.

The same is true for weight loss.

With Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), we regress the client using hypnosis to a previous life that holds the key to the client’s present life issue.

In that past life, the client discovers the reason for their weight issues in their current life.

Did they decide to use weight to protect themselves?

Did the client decide to use weight as a way to keep others away?

Did they make some other decision that is connected to their present life issue?

Once the client discovers the reason in their past life, we then guide the client to break the old bonds that keep them energetically tied to this way of being.

The result is freedom, liberation, clarity, peace of mind.

Now, who doesn’t want more of that in their lives?

I know your clients do.

Discover your own past lives and get certified while you do! Join our 3-Day Past Life Regression Training and Certification.

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