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Empaths are naturals for the helping professions, from medicine to teaching.

These jobs feed our giving nature and provide opportunities to tap our sensitivities to offer others healing and insight.

Unfortunately, many also burn out.

Here are 10 self-care strategies to practice both at work and home that will protect you from compassion fatigue so you are not constantly absorbing people’s stress, emotions, or physical symptoms.

Tips to Prevent Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

1. Plan breaks. Take regular five-minute breaks to rest, meditate, or enjoy a walk between appointments. Be careful not to schedule clients back to back, which will quickly lead to burnout.

2. Don’t overbook yourself. If possible, limit the number of clients you see to what feels right. When you’re busy, try not to squeeze in new appointments if you can reschedule them for a lighter day.

3. Eat well. Don’t skip meals and make sure they include protein, which grounds you. Nibbling on protein throughout the day will keep your energy and blood sugar stable.

4. Create a serene workspace. Have a peaceful office. Surround yourself with inspirational sayings, sacred objects, and anything else that brings you peace.

5. Practice deep breathing regularly. Mindful deep breathing clears the negativity you pick up.

6. Fill your office with heart energy. Once or more daily, take a few minutes to focus on your heart chakra, which is in the middle of your chest. Feel that loving energy flow through your body as it balances you. As you do this, the loving energy will overflow and fill the room with warmth and positivity.

7. Set clear boundaries. Firmly and kindly say “no” to the energy vampires in your workplace. Protect your time so you are not drained.

8. Shield yourself. Before you start your day, imagine a shield of white light all around you that protects and allows in only the positive.

9. Detoxify in water. Take Epsom salt baths or shower after a long day to wash away the stress and energies of others you might have absorbed.

10. Have fun outside of work. Allow regular time for play, fun, and recreation. Walking in nature while you enjoy the trees, birds, and plants can revive your joy.

The more you use these strategies, the more energized you’ll feel and the less prone you’ll be to burnout. Then you can really feel the passion and thrill of helping others.

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