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[Affirmations for Weight Loss] My Body Is At The Perfect Weight

[Affirmations for Weight Loss] My Body Is At The Perfect Weight

My Body Is At The Perfect Weight.

My body’s ability to seek out the perfect weight amazes me. I trust my body to find and maintain the best bodyweight for me.

I love to eat healthy foods. By eating well, I give my body the nutrients it requires to keep me healthy. Eating in a healthy manner is one way I support a healthy body weight.

There is a limit to what my body can do on its own. I must do my part, too.

I enjoy exercising. I do cardiovascular exercise that keeps my heart and lungs healthy. I also do resistance training on a regular basis. My tissues are strong and supple. Both types of exercise give my body a greater ability to find and maintain a healthy weight.

My body can only maintain the perfect weight when I eat properly and exercise moderately. I have a role to play and I do my best each day.

I can feel my body gravitating toward the best weight for me. There are times I am either a little too heavy or a little too light. My body easily corrects for these situations. In a short time, I am back to a healthy weight.

Today, I allow myself to move toward a healthy weight. I focus on eating healthy foods and exercise. This gives my body what it needs to regulate my bodyweight. My body is at the perfect weight.

​Self-Reflection Questions

1. What can I do to eat in a healthier manner?

2. Am I getting enough exercise to maintain a healthy weight?

3. When was the last time I was at my ideal body weight?

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6 Spring Equinox Rituals to Cleanse Your Space of Negative Energy

6 Spring Equinox Rituals to Cleanse Your Space of Negative Energy

If you’ve experienced a challenging Winter, whether you were sick, went through a breakup, or are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, it’s a good time to clear the air and make space inside yourself for the energy of Spring!

While it’s important to keep our homes looking squeaky clean — from windows to baseboards — have you ever thought about spring cleaning your home’s energy? If your space is feeling stagnant, try these six simple cleansing rituals to clear out any negative vibes and bring in new energy for the Spring Equinox.

1. Open the Windows

One of the easiest ways to get rid of trapped toxins and negative energy in your home is to simply open the windows. Start cleansing your home by letting the fresh air in and the bad energy out.

2. Clean Your Entrances

Most of the negative energy comes in with us as we walk through the door, and this is often where it gets stuck. So clean out the unwanted energy by sweeping and cleaning your entryways. Pay special attention to doors and clean the doorknobs.

3. Smudging

BURN DRIED SAGE: The practice of slowly burning herbs and flowers is commonly called smudging, and herbs like white sage have long been used to bring balance and peace to a space. When bundles of dried sage are burned the fragrant smoke is said to burn up toxic energy and bring balance.

When smudging, light your sage bundle and fan the smoke into the corners of the room with your hand or use a feather as you move around the space. Place the still-burning bundle in an abalone shell or a glass bowl or clay dish. Never blow on your sage bundle to fan the smoke.

BURN PALO SANTO: Palo santo is a fragrant wood that’s often burned as incense to combat negative energy and cleanse spaces. You can smudge palo santo the same way you use smudge sticks when you want to move negative energy out of your home. Just light the end of the stick and waft the smoke around your house.

4. Clean With Salt

Salt is an excellent natural cleanser and another common way to remove negative energy from your space. Pour any kind of natural salt in the corners of the rooms you want to cleanse. Give it 48 hours to trap and absorb bad energy then sweep it up. Or, if you have children or animals, fill small bowls and then simply toss the salt after two days.

You can also use a Himalayan salt candle or create your own salt candles for the same toxin-absorbing effect.

5. Incorporate Crystals

Some crystals such as black tourmaline, hematite, and selenite are great at clearing negative energy. Place black tourmaline in the four corners of any room, in window sills, or at the corners of your bed to absorb any toxic and negative energy. Black tourmaline also absorbs electromagnetic energy so keep it next to electronics like computers and TVs.

6. Scent With Essential Oils

Use essential oils to scent the air, boost your mood, and clear negative energy. Diffuse lemon or pine for a natural clean smell. Use sweet orange or lavender for a naturally uplifting effect.

And if smudging is not your thing, make a room spray with sage and citrus essential oils. Add a piece of black tourmaline or fresh sage to the bottle before you add the liquid ingredients to help neutralize negativity. Spritz it in corners and near entryways to purify the air and disperse pent-up energy.

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[Affirmations] When There is Darkness, a Greater Light Within Me Guides My Way

[Affirmations] When There is Darkness, a Greater Light Within Me Guides My Way

When there is darkness, a greater light within me guides my way.

Darkness is powerless when I am around because I bring light with me wherever I go. I shine my light boldly and proudly so that others may be uplifted by it.

The light of courage within me outshines the dark clouds of fear. Fear has no place in my life. I embrace the unknown as a new adventure and let go of all concern, surrounding myself with peace.

The darkness of hate does not stand a chance against the light of love within me. I choose to love all people regardless of who they are and what they look like. My light shines brightest when I offer love and friendship even to those who hate me.

My pleasant attitude shines brighter than the negativity all around me. The darkness of disappointment dissipates when I bring my positive spirit to the table. In difficult situations, the negativity in others surrenders to the power of my light.

My passion to be a problem solver drives away the shadows cast by difficult problems. I choose to value others with the utmost respect. My desire for meaningful relationships prevents me from ever entering the valley of loneliness.

My internal light charts the path for my day. Even when I feel like there is nothing left for me to give, I find a way to shine a little brighter and chase away the dark clouds in my way.

Today, I choose to shine with a positive attitude and a warm smile. With courage, love, and peace, I eliminate all darkness from my life.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Why must I shine?

2. How can I shine in the face of adversity?

3. With whom can I share my light today?

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[Affirmations for Success] I Manage My Time For Success

[Affirmations for Success] I Manage My Time For Success

I Manage My Time For Success.

I am the master of time management! Each moment spent has a defined purpose. I place my priorities toward the top of my to-do list and ensure that these responsibilities get completed.

I tackle my toughest challenges first thing and pave the way for a successful day.

I manage my time for success because I am committed to my life purpose. I am here for a reason. My time is priceless.

My priorities change according to the environment I find myself in.

Time is of the essence in my workplace; I develop tunnel vision when it comes to checking tasks off of my to-do list.

When I am in the office, I close the door to all distractions. Texting friends, reading the news, and checking Facebook all take a backseat to the work that quickly piles up on my desk.

At times, focusing on my workload may be challenging. However, I always conquer distractions because I know that my family’s livelihood is dependent on my performance.

When I am home, the itinerary is far more relaxed, but things still get done.

I am aware that there are only so many hours in the day. For this reason, the kids have a to-do list. They must tidy up their bedrooms, load the dishwasher, and complete their homework before they can play.

Today, I focus on streamlining my performance and optimizing my time for success!

​Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I manage my time efficiently?

2. What can I do to get more done in less time?

3. Can I delegate tasks that do not require my immediate attention?

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[Affirmations] The Universe Fully Supports My Plans and Aspirations

[Affirmations] The Universe Fully Supports My Plans and Aspirations

The Universe Fully Supports My Plans and Aspirations.

The Universe fully supports your plans and aspirations. 

Don’t believe it?

Use my affirmations below to feel confident, supported, and successful along the way!

I have big plans and aspirations, and I am confident in my future success. The Universe has my back in everything I do.

When I set my attention on a goal and take the necessary steps, things work out for me. It is as if an invisible force is always acting in my best interest. I am grateful for the hidden support I receive.

I am a lucky person. Good things just seem to happen to me. I am blessed.

I am comfortable that I am following the right path for me. My plans and aspirations are aligned with my values, natural talents, and interests. My plans for the future are ethical and proper. I am free of concern and hesitation.

I am fully committed to achieving my goals and take steps each day to be successful.

My friends and family support me, too. I am so lucky to have so many loving, supportive, and enthusiastic people in my life. It feels like everyone and everything is on my side. I am fully supported.

Today, I am facing the world with the knowledge that my plans and aspirations are supported by the Universe. I am confident that I am walking the best path for me. Everything is going my way.

​Self-Reflection Questions​

1. When have I been unusually lucky? What was the result of that luck?

2. What do I want to accomplish in the future? Are those aspirations aligned with my values and beliefs?

3. What is holding me back right now? What can I do to overcome that obstacle?

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