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I’ve been doing hypnotherapy sessions online since 2015. But it wasn’t until the pandemic that I quickly pivoted to create a whole new model for online hypnotherapy and online hypnotherapy training.

I digitally transformed my entire hypnotherapy practice into a 100% virtual hypnotherapy business. Not only that, but I also launched the first all-online hypnotherapy institute where I created a hypnotherapy training and certification program to be delivered completely online in a safe, effective, and powerful way.

One of the issues that came up for me during this transition from my in-person hypnotherapy practice to my new online practice was eye contact with clients and students.

Often I found myself looking at my screen to see my client’s face and body language. From my client’s perspective, it often looked as though I was looking down at them rather than looking at them directly. This posed an issue for me as I find great therapeutic value in maintaining eye contact with clients.

The Importance of Eye Contact

Eye contact is critical to building trust between client and therapist. Eye contact is powerful because it shows that we are present and paying attention.

When we maintain eye contact as therapists, we are seen as reliable, warm, honest, confident, and credible. Some of the very best qualities clients want in a therapist can be conveyed through the simple practice of eye contact.

Eye contact during a client session is vital. It shows attentiveness and interest in what is being said. This is so important for clients, especially those who struggle with feeling seen, heard, validated, and appreciated.

As we move our client sessions online, a great question remains. How do we make great eye contact with clients during our online therapy sessions?

How to Make Great Eye Contact with Clients Online

Technology never ceases to amaze me! As I was struggling with this issue myself in my online hypnotherapy business, I quickly did my research to discover some very easy but effective solutions to my virtual eye contact dilemma.

I came across a product online that allowed you to position your web camera right in front of your face while still being able to view your screen directly.

Here are the top three product solutions I suggest if you are struggling with making good eye contact with your clients during online sessions.


Plexicam offers a simple and sleek solution that guarantees great eye contact each session.


Center Cam is another middle-screen camera and appears smaller than Plexicam.

Overhead Tripod Mount

Another method is to attach your webcam to an overhead tripod mount on your desk. If you move the camera in front of the monitor instead of above the monitor you can have better eye contact.

Digital Transformation

Are you ready to digitally transform your therapy or hypnotherapy practice?

Are you done with the hassle and overhead of maintaining office space and can’t wait to work from home offering online sessions?

Do you feel called to leave your current job and step into your deeper calling as a healer?

Applications are now open for my Digital Transformation: 8-Week Coaching Program.

During this 1:1 coaching program, I will work with you personally to digitally transform your therapy or hypnotherapy practice into an online business over the course of eight weeks.

I am only working with a small number of people at this time, so if you are serious about taking the next step in your business, apply here.

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