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How do empaths pursue their calling as healers and therapists without being sick, tired, or taking on their client’s emotions and symptoms?

Use these 5 protection strategies below to stop taking on your client’s emotions:

1. Adjust your mindset. Don’t become a martyr. Your role is to be a guide for your clients, not to take on their pain or remove it. When you’re clear about this, you’ll enjoy your work more and have more energy for your soul’s purpose.

2. Identify three obvious differences between you and your client. A great way to distance yourself from a client’s emotions and pain after a session is to focus on three clear differences between you. This helps you to appreciate what’s you and what’s your client’s and creates a boundary that helps prevent you from absorbing unwanted energy.

3. Don’t try to fix people. People heal themselves. You can support your client’s healing, but they must be willing to make the necessary changes to free themselves from suffering.

4. Watch out for codependency. Be careful not to get hooked into feeling responsible for someone’s progress or experience. People change on their own timeline, not yours. Be empathetic but remember you are not responsible for their growth.

5. Work on your own issues. We tend to absorb energy that is related to issues we haven’t resolved in ourselves. Notice when your clients push your emotional triggers. Then ask yourself, “is this person mirroring issues in me that need healing? Focus on healing those triggers and issues in yourself. A good therapist has a good therapist.

Remember to always stay centered in your heart with clients.

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