Boulder, Colorado



I create from an open heart.

I easily create when my heart is open to the universe. I receive guidance through the open doors of my heart. Inspiration comes from within and without when I fling the heart door wide open.

Using my imagination and creativity are as easy as breathing in and breathing out.

I feel inspiration come in with the breath. Creative projects flow out of my heart with each exhale.

I expand my heart.

I fill it to the brim with love and then add some more. My mind and heart are always open to understanding new ideas, cultures, and theories.

Expanding my heart increases my creative thoughts. I move forward from a place of inspired action.

As my heart continues to expand, I am encompassed within the cocoon of love. The more expansive the breath, the more I am filled with loving-kindness.

I become a walking, breathing bubble of love.

Today, I feel the inspiration flow in and out of me easily and effortlessly. I am creative love. I am a loving creation. I am both the creator and the creation. I am one with the creative force of the Universe.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How can I expand my heart?

2. When I expand my heart, where in my life does creativity flow?

3. Who could benefit from my expanded heart? Family? Friends? Work?

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