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Past Life Regression Therapy and Relationships

We are all trying to figure out how to do relationships. Whether that’s your relationship with your family, your partner, your boss, or yourself, the quality of our relationships is vital to our happiness and wellbeing.

Here are 10 of the most common issues in relationships:

1. Arguments

2. Communication

3. Growing apart

4. Infidelity

5. Traumas

6. Lack of Appreciation

7. Sex

8. Money

9. Boredom

10. Children

If you’re curious about the connection between Past Life Regression Therapy and Relationships you can read all about it below.

How can past-life regression help heal and strengthen present-day relationships?

According to Past Life Regression therapy, we travel from lifetime to lifetime with our Soul Group. Our Soul Group is a group of souls that agree to help one another grow, learn, and evolve as Souls through incarnations and lifetimes. So your grandmother in one life could be your grandson in the next. Or your son in this lifetime was your father in your past life. Or Maybe your husband was your daughter in a previous life? The relationship issues you struggle with today could be rooted in a past life.

Our relationship issues go back to our earliest childhood memories of our primary caregivers – mom and dad. Often we can find the source of our anxious or avoidant attachment styles in childhood. But what if these issues originated in the way, way, past….like a past life?

In clinical hypnotherapy, we use age regression to go back to the source of our unhealthy relationship dynamics that are present in the client’s current life. It’s in the age regression where we discover the old conclusion the client made about themselves as well as the old decision and behavior they chose – the negative relationship behavior.

In Past Life Regression, we use spiritual regression to back to the life that is the most significant for healing the client’s presenting issue.

Often we discover that the client is bringing these behaviors, dynamics, agreements, and decisions with them from lifetime to lifetime as lessons to learn around healthy relationships, healthy love, and healthy nourishment.

Karmic relationships are unresolved issues from our past lives and typically come in the form of lessons, or agreements and contracts with others. Karmic relationships often require energy healing, cord-cutting, and breaking vows that keep the client held and bound to the unhealthy relationship in their current life.

The best way to heal Karmic relationship Issues is with Past Life Regression therapy. Nothing helps your client see their role and own their part and fully take responsibility for their behavior and consequences faster than Past Life Regression therapy.

If you want to help your clients break free from the ties of unhealthy relationships, join our next Past Life Regression Training and Certification here.


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