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Releasing the past helps me embrace the present.

The emotional pain that accompanies some of my memories is palpable and potent. However, each day, I take responsibility to let go of my past.

Releasing the past means I let go of the thoughts and feelings that bring me down. I avoid letting happenings from long ago affect my life here today. The cares and worries from a long time ago float away, leaving me weightless.

My life is calm, secure, and beautiful. I know I have the power to create the existence I desire because I release the past. The present is special and I embrace every moment.

I find that I have more room in my life to pursue the people, places, and things I love whenever I let go of the past.

Today, my goal is to take hold of the present and live it to its fullest.

So, I release my past to make plenty of room for my present. Life is beautiful because the present is here in its full glory.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. Do I ever dwell on events from my past? Can I agree now to release certain memories so they no longer bring me down?

2. What are some of the great aspects of my present life? What do I love about it?

3. How can I ensure that I release my past so I am better able to embrace my present?

Often our wounds and issues stem from our earliest childhood memories and may even go back to our earlier lifetimes and past lives.

Clear your past to embrace your future with Past Life Regression therapy. 

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