Boulder, Colorado



I am more than enough.

I am worthy and complete.

I treat others with kindness and respect. I support and encourage my family and friends. I express my gratitude and hand out sincere compliments.

I give generously. I share my time, money, and talents. I volunteer in my community. I do favors without expecting anything in return.

I overcome challenges. I persevere through obstacles. I strive to beat my last performance. I am resilient and creative. I bounce back from hardships. I adapt to changing circumstances.

I learn from experience. I can make any event work to my advantage. I forgive myself and others for past disappointments. I believe in second chances.

I radiate confidence. I trust my judgment and abilities. I recognize my strengths and skills. I live by my own standards rather than comparing myself to others. I know that I can accomplish great things if I am willing to work for them.

I develop my spirituality. I meditate and pray. I read inspirational texts and participate in my community. I search for meaning and deepen my connection with something bigger than myself.

I am fun to be around. I feel comfortable laughing at myself. I see the comical side of difficult situations. I relieve tension and sadness with gentle humor.

Today, I accept and love myself for who I am. My sense of security comes from within. I contribute to the beauty and harmony in the world by living an authentic life.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. What makes my life valuable?

2. How can I feel whole when I am experiencing doubts and fears?

3. How do my actions show that I appreciate myself?

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