Boulder, Colorado



I increase my awareness.

I strive to know and understand myself. Increasing my awareness helps me to make positive changes.

I identify my strengths and weaknesses. I learn how to leverage my unique talents and skills. I enhance my leadership capabilities. I respect my boundaries and target the areas where I need to grow.

I ask others for feedback. Coworkers and friends help me to see myself in a different light. I gain valuable information and insights that I can use to enhance my performance.

I meditate and pray. I explore my thoughts and feelings without making judgments.

I examine my habits and assumptions. I make conscious choices that match my values and honor my beliefs.

I manage my emotions to make sound decisions. I reduce stress by being able to anticipate situations that are challenging for me.

I deepen my relationships. I become more skillful at talking about my thoughts and feelings. I clarify my expectations and take responsibility for my actions.

I safeguard my health and wellbeing. I listen to my body. I notice when I feel strong and when I need to rest. I comfort myself when I feel sad or anxious. I talk with my doctor about any symptoms that concern me.

I boost my motivation and energy levels. I devote my time to activities that are meaningful to me.

Today, I view myself with kindness and curiosity. Self-knowledge and awareness increase my emotional intelligence and help me to create the life I want.

Self-Reflection Questions

1. How would I describe my personality?

2. How can I view myself more objectively?

3. What is the relationship between mindfulness and awareness?

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